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WELCOME to the EssentialYoga Academy!


      Greetings! I’m Marty, and I’m really excited that YOU are here! Let’s get started with your training with a quick review to define what you’ll get from participating in this great business-building program. The EssentialYoga Academy is a comprehensive, new, on-line training program I developed after traveling North America for the past few years, teaching hundreds of yogis using The EssentialYoga Program. The Academy helps you short-cut your path to doTERRA team-building success in the yoga world, with the mastery-level training I am offering.

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5 Phases of Learning There are 5 key steps of learning to successfully master the use of The EssentialYoga Program to build your doTERRA team.  Each phase is outlined here, but there is other content related to each phase that you will find in this website.  New material is constantly being added - so watch for news of that as well. Highlights of the key phases include: Phase 1:  Get signed onto our Academy resources Phase 2:  Get onto doTERRA’s website, blogs, Facebook pages and STUDY so you truly understand the company, the oils, and how to help people get what ...

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Phase 2 – STUDY


Learn about dōTERRA & building your business: This aspect of your training is self-directed. There are no shortcuts to learning the information you need to successfully build a dōTERRA team using The EssentialYoga Program.  You will need to have a fundamental understanding of the company, its products, its policies, how to enroll people, the Loyalty Rewards Program, as well as how to earn an income with dōTERRA and the steps it takes to do so successfully. You can take this information at your own pace but to be a professional spokesperson for the Program – these are the “doTERRA Fundamentals” ...

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Successful workshops require preparation for both the Yoga Instructor, the Essential Oil Instructor, and how the two of you to work seamlessly together, during the Workshop. Making the time in advance to truly prepare not only the details, but how you will signal each other to pass the teaching back and forth, is critical to your professional success AND dōTERRA team building. Start now with a plan! Identify Instructor Roles There are two key instructor roles needed for each EssentialYoga Program workshop: the Yoga Instructor and the Essential Oil Instructor.  If you are an essential oil enthusiast, you will be ...

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This step in your program is incredibly important to your success----getting a turnout!   Budget your time wisely so that you spend 80% of your time PROMOTING and MARKETING your Workshop vs “organizing” for it to happen. Let the world know.  Sell it out early and generate a “buzz” at the studio to host another Workshop soon! Promote Your Event(s) Post Fliers Physical locations at studio, in your local area, “mini” fliers on counter tops, community notice boards Electronic posting on studio website, FB pages, yoga sites “Talking it up” with students, other teachers Marketing OUTSIDE THE STUDIO to come to ...

Phase 4 – PROMOTE & HOLD EVENTS2016-09-06T05:00:31-06:00



The key to building a successful dōTERRA business is focusing every step of your effort on the network marketing concept of DUPLICATION.  In other life circles, you may hear this referred to as “Learn. Do. Teach.” That is exactly what you have been doing as you implement the Academy and The EssentialYoga Program, and will be doing as you begin to duplicate your own efforts by helping other people: Use the products Share the products Teach others to do the same Use the products Share the products Teach others to do the same Use the products Share the products Teach ...

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