This step in your program is incredibly important to your success—-getting a turnout!   Budget your time wisely so that you spend 80% of your time PROMOTING and MARKETING your Workshop vs “organizing” for it to happen. Let the world know.  Sell it out early and generate a “buzz” at the studio to host another Workshop soon!

Promote Your Event(s)

  1. Post Fliers
    • Physical locations at studio, in your local area, “mini” fliers on counter tops, community notice boards
    • Electronic posting on studio website, FB pages, yoga sites
  2. “Talking it up” with students, other teachers
  3. Marketing OUTSIDE THE STUDIO to come to studio
  4. Personal invites to key students, friends
  5. Final reminder texts to register

For more marketing ideas – see Audio Training section.  Then join us on our monthly Office Hours calls and Facebook page.


The Big Day!10438369_10202156301859039_5175870798637498471_n

  1. Set up for the expected number of attendees.
  2. Offer a brief oils application review for your Workshop Assistants.
  3. Have a printed Sign In Sheet or Drawing slips to gather names, addresses, emails and phone numbers for YOU to keep and add to essential oil classes and workshop announcements, and for workshop follow up about oils interest. (See ideas in our Workshop Materials section)
  4. Greet students on arrival and line up mats away from walls to allow you to squat down by participants shoulders for easy application of oils
  5. Hold the workshop as outlined in The EssentialYoga Program book using the Workshop Notes
    1. Reminders and hand-outs available promoting next EssentialYoga Program Workshop and other dōTERRA essential oils classes being held in studio, nearby or online.
  6. Have someone take PHOTOS during your workshops so you can use the images for future marketing efforts! We live in a visual world…capture the moment!
  7. After-class discussion, announcements and paperwork distributed to interested people. Schedule follow up appointments and classes with those who are interested.


Enrollments and Attendee Follow Up!

shutterstock_131109770Whether immediately after the class, or in the follow up with workshop attendees, THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS!  Some students may be ready to enroll immediately after the Workshop that same day – so leave enough time for this!

Use your sign in list for follow up with attendees who said “yes contact me with more information.”

Understand prior to the workshop – which of you will follow up and with whom, by what date so that opportunities are not lost.

Wait no more than 2 days after the workshop to follow up…phone calls are best! 

Request an in-person meeting to talk more about the oils and show them other dōTERRA essential oils that they may be interested in learning more about.  This is an appropriate phase for 1:1 contacts and meetings.


Instructor Follow Up Meeting

women-talking-2Schedule get together with your fellow instructor for 1-2 days following the workshop to talk about what worked well, what could be different next time, how follow up is going with each attendee for each of you, and to secure their “next steps” with your dōTERRA team efforts.

  1. Have you identified future EssentialYoga Program workshops?
  2. What about other essential oils classes?
  3. Are they interested in using The EssentialYoga Program to build a dōTERRA business in the area with you?
  4. Would they be interested to learn more about the Academy program?

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Please proceed to PHASE 5 when you are ready for next steps.