What Others Say About Essential Earth Explorations

Learn what my Essential Earth Explorations travelers have said about their experiences around the world, traveling with me. While the experiences of each trip and traveler is unique, hearing from those who’ve traveled the path may be helpful as you make a decision to join me on a future Exploration.

Travelers from my 2024 Wonders of Greece Exploration share their feedback

“Having recently traveled with Marty to Greece, I can personally attest to the exceptional quality of this unique experience provided Essential Earth Explorations. From exploring ancient ruins to savoring local cuisine and meeting local families, every moment was thoughtfully curated to ensure a seamless and enriching journey. Marty’s expertise and genuine passion for travel elevated the trip to new heights, leaving me and my hubby with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for Greek culture. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first adventure, Essential Earth Explorations is the ultimate choice for an extraordinary travel experience.” — Michelle N.
“The Wonders of Greece Exploration was a fabulous trip, with every detail taken care of by Marty or our fabulous tour guide, Niki! Traveling with a wonderful, small group of people allowed us to be flexible and spontaneous! I am eager to travel with Marty again! ”  — Gayle G

Travelers from my 2023 Northern India Spiritual Exploration share their feedback

Amy Becker

Kate Christensen

“Marty was amazing! She organized a great trip to Northern India…a place I had never considered visiting. It was a great group of women that I now consider dear friends and will continue to connect with. Everything was perfectly planned and provided experiences I never would have imagined. Accommodations were great with very helpful staff. I liked that food was included in the cost of the trip. Tour guides were oustanding and travel connections were easy and on-time. Marty was always available to meet our needs and answer our questions. I am happy to recommend her and the Essential Earth Explorations Program if you are considering traveling with an organized, learning oriented group!” – Karen C

Travelers from my 2023 Essence of Egypt Exploration share their feedback

“Marty researches and carefully curates an adventure that is enjoyable and fulfilling. The lodging accommodations are 5 star with nice amenities. Each day holds a variety of interesting and stimulating activities. There is a great balance of history, shopping and cultural experiences that make up each day. I always felt well informed, taken care of and safe. She is an experienced traveler. I went home very satisfied and would recommend a trip with her anytime, anywhere!” – Ginger S

“A bucket list trip to Egypt with Marty Harger and her travel company where we learn & experience so many interesting facets of the area! A thousand thank you’s to our Egyptologist-Guides for their tours, ability to move us away from crowds, take fabulous photos, & incredible abundance of knowledge! What a love about Marty’s tours is that she ties in essential oils. Egypt is known for its precious oils and it’s agriculture. We visited Hashem Brothers Farm located outside of Cairo and learned about the precious jasmine, Neroli, and bitter orange plants and watched the distillation process. Always fascinating to watch this process, meet the farmers and learn how this type of family business thrives.” – Cindy L

“Immerse yourself in a journey of a lifetime with a comprehensive overview of Egypt’s past and present. Small group adventure with quality lodging. You will feel well taken care of by knowledgeable people all along the way.” – Susan L