2024 Southern India Exploration:
A Women’s Healing Retreat for the Body, Mind & Soul

October 27-November 7, 2024 – 13 Day/12 Night


Magnificent Southern India, where nature surrounds you at every turn and your senses come alive!  Join me on my 2024 Southern India Exploration, designed as a women’s healing retreat for the body, mind and soul.  Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the land where practices of self-awareness and knowledge through yoga, meditation, natural Ayurvedic approaches, herbal remedies and essential oil applications can be learned and deepened.  Receive care through Ayurvedic treatments as therapeutic bodywork, dosha-balancing recommendations and tonics. Take time far away from home to listen to your soul’s calling.

My 2024 Southern India Exploration is an ideal journey to take with other women in my small-group program.  Consider how traveling with a dear friend, a sister, daughter (minimum age 18), mother or other family member can deepen your relationship by sharing this special Exploration. Or travel on your own and plan to meet new friends to explore the other side of the world with a host of incredibly unique and life-enhancing experiences.

Let Mother India wrap you in the tropical warmth of her Southern-most regions to open your mind, body, heart and soul to who you were meant to be.  My 2024 Southern India Exploration will be an incredible retreat and opportunity for personal transformation. Come discover what heals you. I hope you’ll join me for one of the limited spaces available!

  • Travel like a local with the daily help of our professional Tour Guide
  • Rest deeply each evening in luxurious, comfortable accommodations
  • Center yourself and open to the day with our early morning yoga practice
  • Savor the fresh, natural flavors of meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients and spices
  • Engage with Southern India’s unique spiritual practices with special ceremonies and prayers offered during temple and ashram visits
  • Learn holistic approaches to improve your health with private Ayurvedic physician consultations
  • Create transformation with optional Ayurvedic treatments
  • Witness the relaxing pace of life lived on the water via a houseboat cruise on Kerala’s Pulinkunnu river
  • Get behind the scenes to learn about the role of Kathakali dancers and stay for their performance
  • Discover the unique historic areas and local villages along our path
  • Learn how essential oils and spices are used in healing during our private workshop
  • Get to know a local family and how they prepare meals with our cooking class exclusively offered in their home
  • Explore the plantations of Southern India who supply much of the world’s spices, teas and rubber
  • Shop in local markets to find the local crafts and spices you’ll want to bring home as treasures of your journey
  • Enjoy the rhythm and pace of this healing immersion to replenish your body, mind and soul

Unique Boutique Hotels for Our Stay

Brunton Boatyard: This restored Victorian shipyard on the scenic Cochin Harbor with beautiful sea views.

The Raviz Kollam: One of the best backwater resorts in Kerala offers world-class comforts and breathtaking views at the most pristine of locations.

Spice Village: A reimagined tribal village set in a spice garden, is modelled on the dwellings of the native Mannan tribe with elephant grass thatched cottages.

The Gateway Madurai: Hilltop location overlooking picturesque views of the magnificent Sri Meenakshi Temple, surrounded by 62 acres of scenic gardens.    

Stunning, Luxury Accommodations Unique to Southern India

Wait until you see the fabulous hotel properties we have selected for you on this Exploration!  We will stay in nurturing comfort at some of the area’s most prestigious, 4- and 5-star boutique hotels. We’ve purposely selected hotels that focus on an elegant approach to sustainable tourism with eco-friendly buildings and operating practices.  Your comfort and safety is always our focus when selecting the perfect places to lay your head down at the end of a fascinating day of exploration.  From riverside balconies to thatched roof huts – get ready for a whole new experience in where we stay, dine and relax. Temperatures during our travel dates are perfect for exploring each area with day time highs averaging in the mid-to high-80’s , and evenings cool and refreshing at mid-70’s.  Occasional rain is possible as this is after the monsoon season.

Explore the Natural Balance of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda (pronounced ai·yr·vay·duh) is a system of medicine based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health. Ayurvedic medicine originates in Southern India and is one of five major systems of medicine in the world. Today, Ayurveda remains one of India’s traditional health care systems.  Throughout our Exploration, we will receive personal consultations with Ayurvedic physicians, and then will have the option to schedule healing bodywork treatments to balance our constitution or “dosha.”  The consultations generally include suggested approaches to nutrition, activity, sleep patterns, wardrobe and surroundings. Get ready to be fascinated by the natural choices you can incorporate into your world to retain a sense of grounding and balance when you return home.

Sensory Delights at Every Turn

The sound of water lapping at the shore and the call of native birds. The touch of warm oil massaged into your skin. The scent of native spices, herbs and essential oils. The taste of Southern Indian cuisine served beautifully on a banana leaf. Of course the sights of colorful temples, the expressive Kathakali dancers performing on stage, the devout gathering in sacred prayer, the sunrise on the river side, and the colorful fabrics, foods and spices that we’ll see throughout. Each day of our 2024 Southern India Exploration offers numerous opportunities to be present and notice the world around you. Be prepared to be overjoyed with these new experiences!

Southern India Exploration Presentation

Listen and learn with Essential Earth Explorations Founder, Marty Harger and Learning Journeys President, Carol Dimopoulos. In this one-hour presentation, we take a deep dive into the type of Exploration this program offers, as well as covering daily itinerary highlights. Click on the image below to begin!


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