Hi!  I’m Marty Harger, owner of Essential Earth Explorations.

Travel is in my blood.

Marty Harger's Essential Earth Explorations

I’ve been the president of an international travel company, a tour leader, a Certified Travel Agent and happy wanderer since I got out of college.

Since I founded my travel company in 2015, I’ve never taken short cuts when planning my extraordinary Essential Earth Explorations programs. I strongly believe that your travel comfort and safety are just as important as the group experiences I’ve uniquely crafted for you all around the world. That’s why I’ve partnered with Learning Journeys and their incredible world-wide staff to offer outstanding international travel programs centered around essential oil appreciation, natural wellness approaches and cultural exploration.

Traveling together gives me an opportunity to share my passion for natural, holistic health approaches. I’ve been an avid essential oils enthusiast for over 30 years and have traveled the world teaching others to bring oils into their homes and businesses as a natural remedy. I’ve visited destinations all over the world to explore how medicinal plant remedies are grown, harvested, distilled and brought to us for our use. Through my Essential Earth Explorations travel programs, I now offer you that same opportunity to gain a first-hand experience and appreciation for the tremendous therapeutic value that nature gives us in the form of aromatic, liquid plant essences!

Why travel with me? I’m offering a truly unique travel and learning experience for my fellow travelers. I’ve personally explored many dimensions in the wellness world over the years. I’m a wellness center owner, a massage therapist, yoga instructor, book co-author and community organizer for issues relating to women and their wellbeing. Through these and others I’ve experienced and studied, I’ve come to deeply value the impact of personal development and self-discovery that pair so beautifully with the destinations I’ve featured in my programs.

Join me for an incredible travel adventure on my personally-escorted trips!