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Registration NOW OPEN for 2023!

Enjoy the travel experience-of-a-lifetime with my personally-escorted, Essential Earth Explorations programs in 2023! I’m offering my small-group explorations to two fascinating international destinations – Egypt in April, and India in November!

Are you looking for a fabulous and truly unique international travel adventure? How about one that’s been personally curated to include purposeful exploration of exciting cultural experiences, self-discovery and unique adventures wrapped in comfort, safety and style? Then take a look at each of my programs below and let’s register you right away for one of the few, prized spots on my upcoming Essential Earth Exploration 2023 travel programs.

Pyramids – Essential Oil Exploration Day – Cruise the Nile River – Historic Temples – Local Culture – Immersive Learning Experiences

The Essence of Egypt – April 21 – 29, 2023

Join me to discover The Essence of Egypt during an exciting 9 day/8 night exploration into the world of ancient pharaohs and queens, pyramids and massive statuary.  Essential Earth Explorations and Learning Journeys present an incredible program that weaves the highlights of ancient Egypt together with truly unique immersive experiences into the lives and cultural traditions of today’s Egyptian people.

Here’s What I’ve Planned For You in Egypt!

I’m so excited to be personally escorting this trip along with a professional Egyptologist. Together in our small group, we’ll explore classic temples and ancient sites such as the Great Sphinx and Pyramids.  We will travel the Nile River by cruise ship to reach key sites and learn more about this civilization’s profound impact on the world and the role the Nile played in its creation.  Importantly, we will interact with Egyptian people during a visit to a family home, while exploring the local food scene, and learning to create custom Egyptian hand crafts.

My Essential Earth Explorations trip itineraries intentionally include my deep passion and appreciation of the world’s aromatic essential oils – nature’s liquid plant essences with significant therapeutic, healing value. In Egypt, we will enjoy a full day of aromatic bliss and deeper understanding for the uses of aromatic, healing plants and their liquid essences.  We’ve arranged a special visit to Egypt’s largest family farm and producer of essential oils for therapeutic uses and perfumery. You will love this unique part of our trip itinerary!

I’ve carefully curated this small-group travel program with my travel partners at Learning Journeys, to provide a deeper understanding of the grandeur and significance of Egypt – past and present.  You will love the variety in this trip’s immersive experiences and the opportunity to soak in the stories of both the ancient and modern life in this part of the world.  Join me for this very unique and diverse travel program to discover The Essence of Egypt!

Northern India Spiritual Exploration

Diwali Festival – Ayurveda and Aromatherapy – Taj Mahal – Ceremonies – Rishikesh – Sacred Temples – NGO Visits

Northern India Spiritual Exploration – November 4 – 16, 2023

Join me during the magical Diwali Festival of Lights on my Essential Earth Explorations 13 day/12 night Northern India Spiritual Exploration and let me introduce you to an authentic India experience you won’t find anywhere else! I’ve personally selected each part of this trip with Learning Journeys to take in the energy, colors, contrasts, tastes and traditions that captivated my heart and soul like no other place on earth! Having explored destinations all over six different continents for decades, I found India to be an incomparable, multi-dimensional destination with incredible history, culture and sites. But India’s ability to crack open new layers of self-discovery is why I’ve created my Northern India Spiritual Exploration trip-of-a-lifetime program for a select group of explorers. Will you join me?

Here’s What I’ve Planned For You in India!

For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India’s ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda Indian healing. My Northern India Spiritual Exploration is specifically designed for personal reflection and growth, partnered with a captivating balance of activities to help you explore this mystical land. You will have the opportunity to interact with experts throughout the trip to learn and experience a unique, insider’s view of Northern India, its people, history and customs.

My Essential Earth Explorations travel company’s trips are intended to offer you an increased appreciation for the world’s aromatic essential oils – nature’s liquid plant essences with significant therapeutic, healing value.  This trip highlights India’s wholistic healing modalities including exploration of Ayurvedic use of oils for aromatherapy, sacred ritual, meditation, yoga practice, and many other unique traditions originating from this mystical land.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect escorted, small group program to discover the healing approaches and wonders of India that you can bring into your own life – join me for my 2023 Northern India Spiritual Exploration trip.  This will be a fantastic immersion in the unique traditions, culture, people, food, and tools that make India such a fascinating, multi-dimensional land to explore. I can’t wait for you to join me and a group of fellow travelers on my Northern India Spiritual Exploration this year!