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Publishing Monthly Tips on Essential Oils Usage Read my new monthly column for the Neighbors of Heber Valley Magazine focused on incorporating doTERRA essential oils into your life. As a 30+ year essential oil enthusiast and educator who incorporates doTERRA essential oils into her daily life, I was thrilled to partner with the publisher of Neighbors of Heber Valley Magazine to offer a monthly educational column.  Each month I offer new essential oil tips to help readers stay well using nature's liquid plant essences.  Different months, different theme. Take a look at this archive of recent articles I scanned. Then ...

Monthly Articles Archive2023-03-08T14:43:57-07:00

Travel With Natural First-Aid Tools


Pack This Suggested Natural First-Aid Kit for Travel Staying healthy on the road can save you a lot of time, worry and expense. Over the decades I’ve traveled the world, I’ve encountered common health challenges that are often simple to resolve with high-quality, natural essential oils and supplements. Bonus: these solutions are compact and easy to carry wherever you travel. I’ve used doTERRA oils and wellness products exclusively for nearly 15 years with great result. Below are my top suggestions for a simple first-aid travel wellness kit you can take in small bottles that fit easily in your suitcase, backpack ...

Travel With Natural First-Aid Tools2023-02-12T08:44:01-07:00

My January 2023 Article: Curb the Food Cravings, Naturally!


Curb the Cravings, Naturally with MetaPWR   In the January issue of Neighbors of Heber Valley Magazine, I wrote an article about the health impact I've found with the new doTERRA MetaPWR System.  The results I've seen in four months have been fabulous! Click here for the article on Page 13: January 2023 NeighborsOfHeberValley The doTERRA MetaPWR System contains 3 key products: a blend of doTERRA essential oils that includes Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon Bark an herbal supplement with the blend that helps stabilize blood sugar levels when consuming carbohydrate-heavy meals a 9-collagen packet, with the MetaPWR blend ...

My January 2023 Article: Curb the Food Cravings, Naturally!2023-01-10T15:49:07-07:00

Getting Featured in Our Heber Valley Magazine


How would you tell your story? What parts of your journey would you share? When I was asked to sit for an interview and photo shoot to tell the story of my life and wellness journey here it the Heber Valley, it was honestly a bit overwhelming considering we were just climbing out of a couple of years in hiding. "Exposure" was exciting to me as an entrepreneur, but as a person, it also touched deeply on extreme vulnerability.  Was I willing to share the story of my path with my community of 37,000+ people? ...

Getting Featured in Our Heber Valley Magazine2022-09-12T09:13:38-06:00

Essential Movement [Let’s Move Our Body]


Would you like some new ways to move your body? I was that kid that couldn’t sit still. My mom would encourage me to “go read a book” when I had some time on my hands. I preferred to go outside and play, which wasn’t always that easy living in the Buffalo, New York area – known for feet upon feet of snow and loads of rain much of the year. Overcoming “weather” to get outside and get moving, was something I learned at an early age.  It stayed with me.  Only as the decades ...

Essential Movement [Let’s Move Our Body]2022-09-09T10:46:06-06:00

May 2021 doTERRA Special Offers! [Save on Essential Oils]


May 2021 Special Offers with doTERRA Are you ready to save this spring? May is the month to bring the aromas of fresh flowers and the uplifting scent of citrus into your life. doTERRA has some wonderful specials for us to save even more on the oils we want in our collection. NEW to doTERRA?  Email me at marty@martyharger.com and let's talk this week so I can help you join my team as a wholesale member, AND to get you exactly what you need, including these special offers! Already have a wholesale membership? Wonderful! Just ...

May 2021 doTERRA Special Offers! [Save on Essential Oils]2021-05-02T11:37:48-06:00

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation


What's In YOUR Suitcase? We pack so much more than clothes and sundries in a suitcase when we travel. We also “pack” our hopes, our expectations, our concerns into that same travel experience. As some of us begin to venture beyond in 2021, whether we admit it or not, we all have at least a wee bit of travel trepidation. For instance, will we have access to a “clean” restroom? Will we stay healthy? And what happens if we start to feel a tickle in our throat, a cough or sneezing begin, or a sense ...

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation2021-04-11T16:15:46-06:00

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}


Are you ready for adventure? “Just can’t wait to get on the road again.” With thanks to singer-songwriter Willy Nelson, my ever-present wanderlust, and my vaccine series now completed, this month I want to share some tips to bring safe, Essential Travel back into your life. Maybe “Essential” is a strong word implying necessary, required, critical.  Well, for me it is! I want to share some specific ideas to help you explore the world around you with open eyes and a healthy curiosity for what’s out there waiting to be discovered. It’s been over a ...

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}2021-04-11T17:08:28-06:00

April 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!


Special doTERRA savings and new kits! April savings with doTERRA! Spring in to April savings on doTERRA essential oils, new kits and collections that help you create a fantastic combination of natural tools for your home and healthy lifestyle! NEW to doTERRA?  Email me at marty@martyharger.com and let's talk this week so I can help you join my team as a wholesale member, AND to get you exactly what you need, including these special offers! Already have a wholesale membership? Wonderful! Just log in to your account and add these great deals to your April ...

April 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!2021-04-04T13:59:12-06:00

Best Oils for Essential Clearing


Get Spring Underway With An Essential Clearing It’s been a long year! So when it comes to clearing out the sluggish, low-energy, unhealthy aspects of ourselves to get to our true essence, I’ve found that doTERRA’s Zendocrine Detoxification blend has SO much to offer! In this video, I share the reasons I feel so strongly about this choice. Then I cover some of the key physical and emotional benefits of each oil in the blend. I also refer to my recent Essential Clearing blog post I created to further explain ways to naturally clear what’s ...

Best Oils for Essential Clearing2021-03-13T21:11:28-07:00
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