What’s In YOUR Suitcase?

We pack so much more than clothes and sundries in a suitcase when we travel.

We also “pack” our hopes, our expectations, our concerns into that same travel experience.

As some of us begin to venture beyond in 2021, whether we admit it or not, we all have at least a wee bit of travel trepidation.

For instance, will we have access to a “clean” restroom? Will we stay healthy? And what happens if we start to feel a tickle in our throat, a cough or sneezing begin, or a sense of fatigue that isn’t just about a new time zone or feeling tired?

In my experience, having a few natural tools in your suitcase and in an easily-accessible purse or bag can make a huge difference in whether you stay well on the road.  I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you based on over 13+ years use in my personal and professional travels, from scientific research I’ll share, and from the experience of millions of happy and healthy consumers.

Be Prepared to Support Your Body’s Immune Response

Here are my suggestions for the perfect, natural health-supporting toolset to pack in your suitcase this year.  They come from doTERRA and offer the CPTG/Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils and wellness products specifically designed to support your healthy immune system and protect against environmental threats.

This informative 11-minute video helps highlight more about our immune system and the importance of how we protect ourselves as we interact in the world. It explains how our body’s internal and external systems work together to create barriers against pathogens that protect, strengthen, and help us respond to our environment. I’d really recommend watching from Dr. David K Hill, doTERRA’s Chief Scientific Officer and one of the seven founders of the company

Pursue Your Travel Passion Without Missing a Moment!

The doTERRA On Guard Protective blend is the foundation of everything I’m suggesting here.  First of all, it combines five power house essential oils combined to support immune and respiratory system function. Stay well. Breathe well. Those essential oils are: Cinnamon, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Clove Bud.

doTERRA On Guard blend purifies the air and is a favorite for diffusing, with a beautiful citrus-spice aroma and many beneficial properties.  This powerful immune and respiratory boosting blend can be used aromatically and topically for cleansing and purifying the air and surfaces.  A few drops applied to the bottom of the feet in the morning and evening is a great way to get its protective benefits into the body throughout the day. I use doTERRA’s On Guard blend internally for immune support and digestive comfort either by dripping into a gel capsule, using one of doTERRA’ pre-packaged softgel capsules, or through the beadlets I pop into my mouth for extra protection.

Known emotionally as The Oil of Protection, this oil blend provides a sense of strength and reinforcement so we will feel more protected as we travel.  Using On Guard encourages us to set up healthy boundaries and avoid feeling vulnerable or susceptible to energetic pressure from others.

On Guard blend

Each of the five key oils that make up the doTERRA On Guard Protective blend play a role in its helpful impact:

  • Spicy and sweet, Cinnamon essential oil is known to promote a healthy immune system and can also help freshen breath.
  • Wild Orange contains powerful antioxidants that support a healthy immune system and promote overall health. The fresh citrus kick of Wild Orange is emotionally uplifting and adds to the appeal of the doTERRA On Guard blend.
  • Eucalyptus purifies surfaces. Aromatically, it cleanses the air and is emotionally uplifting. This type of Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus globulus) is a different oil from the single doTERRA Eucalyptus oil, which is not for internal use.
  • Rosemary promotes healthy respiratory function, reduces fatigue, and calms tension. It also supports digestion and concentration.
  • Clove freshens breath and supports the immune system thanks to its high levels of antioxidants.

Learn More About dōTERRA On Guard® Blend- Learn How it Works and How it Can Benefit Your Family

How Our Immune System Health Ties to Inflammatory Response

Nothing’s worse when you’re traveling, than having unexpected aches and soreness from a new mattress, an upset stomach, or to a sudden stress headache from travel concerns.  When we feel those inflammatory effects – our bodies are tightening to “brace” ourselves from further discomfort.  Interestingly, the doTERRA On Guard blend may provide some relief as it supports the immune system’s response, and therefore helps to balance that inflammatory reaction in the body.

It’s always good to dive into the research on these subjects. I wanted to share this doTERRA research study that discovered “experimental data suggests that doTERRA On Guard may regulate many important pathways relevant to healthy inflammatory response, wound healing, cellular health, and immune response.”  We have learned that the body’s inflammatory response is highly integrated to our immune health.  Learn more  more about doTERRA’s research approach when you click here. 

An Ounce of Prevention

DIY or Ready-Made Options for Keeping Hands Clean

When it comes to keeping hands and surfaces clean on the road, being prepared is KEY!

If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, watch this short video about “4 Ways to Use doTERRA On Guard® | DIY Hand Gel, Hand Spray, Foaming Hand Wash, Wipes”

Prefer to purchase the ready-made options?

Click on any of my personal favorites below to learn more about them and their uses for traveling healthy!

One Product, Many, Many Uses: doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

Taking a small container of the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate on the road is SUCH a great idea for everything from wiping down counters, doorhandles and electronic gear to spot-cleaning food stains on the clothes you packed.  Take a look at this short video about  “How to use doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate | 5 Ways” for several ideas that could come in handy.   Particularly if you’re traveling in a car, RV or motorhome, the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is a great one-product-cleans-all addition to your packing plans.

Let’s Pack Up the Tools You Need to Stay On Guard When You Travel!

I could go on and on about On Guard and the many fantastic products doTERRA offers that include this important blend of essential oils.  For traveling purposes though, below is my recommended shopping list.

Take these with you, regardless of whether you’re traveling in a car or camper, a backpack or a steamer trunk.  The only difference is how much of each item you pac, and whether you choose to repackage it for a smaller travel case.  I would encourage you to keep the Blend, Sanitizing Mist, Sanitizing Hand Wipes, Throat Lozenges and Softgels in your purse or carry-on bag so they are very handy to use the moment you recognize a surface needs cleaning, or someone near you doesn’t sound so “healthy.” Remember what Ben Franklin had to say!

Suitcase with On Guard Blend

CLICK HERE to purchase this 9-product kit at the RETAIL PRICE of $187.00 from me.

Why Pay Retail When You Can Save 25% At Wholesale?!?!

Get a doTERRA Wholesale Membership that will save you 25% on anything else you buy this year along with these 9 recommended On Guard Products and STILL save $10 over Retail price.  Smart, eh?  Just $175.25 includes the wholesale membership too!

CLICK HERE to place your WHOLESALE & NEW MEMBER order the On Guard collection I suggest now:

  1. On Guard Protective Blend 15ml (aromatic, topical or internal use)
  2. On Guard Sanitizing Mist .9 fl oz (portable to keep hands clean)
  3. On Guard Cleaner Concentrate 12 oz (all purpose cleaner for surfaces & stains)
  4. On Guard Softgels – 60 softgels (I take 1-2 as an “ounce of prevention”)
  5. On Guard Sanitizing Hand Wipes – 2o (great pre-and post-meal time)
  6. On Guard Beadlets – 125 beadlets (1 beadlet = ½ drop of the On Guard Blend…convenient and subtle to take in public!)
  7. On Guard Foaming Handwash – 16 oz (effective on every front, gentle on skin)
  8. On Guard Foaming Handwash Dispenser – 1 (there is a small travel-size I can suggest too on this)
  9. On Guard Throat Lozenges – 30 drops (flavorful, soothing to throat, health-ful!)

By the way -when you click on either the Retail or Wholesale links I’ve provided here, you’ll see exact images of the 9 On Guard products I suggest you get for traveling, with prices accordingly.

Why Become a doTERRA Wholesale Member on My Team?

  • I’ve used oils for over 30 years, and doTERRA’s for 13. I’ve helped thousands of people step into essential oils and I’d love to help you too!
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  • Private wellness consultation to help match up your needs to the right doTERRA options
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Stay Well On The Road This Year

Friends, it’s an important time to CONTINUE to take a couple of extra steps to stay protected and well as you travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s to the grocery store, for an overnight, camping out, a hotel stay, visiting family, flying on a plane or sailing on a ship…NOW is the time to take the natural On Guard tools with you as you go.

Let me help you get the most of your next road trip. I’d love to help get started!

Bon Voyage, safe travels and HAVE FUN!!