Marty Harger 2022

Helping You Improve Your Wellbeing, Naturally

I want to help you tap into the power of dōTERRA for your life and business…

I’m so excited to share the world of dōTERRA with you!
I’ve teamed up with nature and the power of yoga
to help YOU discover your true nature, through nature, using essential oils.

That’s the path I’ve taken as a natural health explorer and entrepreneur.

I’m a Wellness Advocate, Blue Diamond team leader, yoga teacher and passionate dōTERRA essential oils enthusiast.

I created the online yoga and oils training program the EssentialYoga™ Academy.

I’m also the brainchild and co-author of the book The EssentialYoga™ Program.

Are you ready to join me on an amazing journey of
self-exploration, healthier living, and increased income?

Let’s get started!

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Tap into Nature’s Gifts

Essential oils are the liquid essence of a plant used for therapeutic effect. They’re a plant’s natural defense from disease, predators, and weather. When we use essential oils, we are using the plant’s own defense system for our benefit. Essential oils and wellness products are an affordable, safe, and effective complement to maintaining natural whole-body health. You’ll love how easy they are to use for everyone in your family and in your yoga practice.

Why dōTERRA?

Because their essential oils are the highest quality available. They are carefully extracted from plants by a global network of skilled growers, distillers, and chemists, ensuring an extraordinary degree of quality. They are pure aromatic extracts, contain no artificial ingredients, and are tested to be safe, pure, and free of any contaminants—every batch, every time!

Why I fell in love with dōTERRA oils

I love beautiful aromas and have used many brands of essential oils over the years. Once I began using dōTERRA’s essential oils my health improved so dramatically that I had to tell people what I’d experienced.

Why keep it a secret? It became my true passion to share the impressive health benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils with others.

I’d love to help you discover how wonderful you can feel using nature’s gifts!

 dōTERRA ~ The Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Leader