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The EssentialYoga Program is the definitive source you’ve been waiting for—created by yoga and dōTERRA business experts who have put it to the test and taken it to the mat, with big results!

This book is ideal for all levels of yoga enthusiasts, yoga instructors, studio owners, and dōTERRA team leaders. It was written and created by four dōTERRA Wellness Advocates with backgrounds in many aspects of natural health, yoga, and business.

This step-by-step guide gives you real ‘how to’ tips, pricing, marketing ideas, and business secrets to feature 12 themed monthly workshops that will bring a new and exciting dimension to your studio or practice.

It’s packed with ideas you can use to get started with
The EssentialYoga Program today!

Proven approach to creating unique yoga workshops incorporating dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils.

Beautiful, 111-page guidebook featuring full-color photography depicting oils application.

Elevate the energetic vibration of your practice or studio with The EssentialYoga Program workshop series!

FDA-compliant language featuring essential oil blend brand names through licensing agreement with dōTERRA International.

The EssentialYoga Program book gives you:

  • Hundreds of ideas to successfully and immediately launch a complete EssentialYoga Program in your practice, studio, center or community
  • 12 diverse monthly workshops with specific dōTERRA essential oil suggestions sure to generate ‘buzz’ among your yoga students and fellow practitioners
  • Valuable insights on essential oil history, safe use, product quality, and the ‘dōTERRA difference’
  • Simple ideas to get started quickly so you can use the oils in classes every day
  • Purchasing options, class cost planning information, educational scripts, marketing ideas, and more
  • Specific ideas on dōTERRA to share within the yoga community to earn income that supports the practice and lifestyle you desire

111 Pages of Information and Ideas YOU Can Use to Get Started Today!

Twelve monthly workshops with unique themes

Recommended oils with application and benefits

Pricing detail and summary

Suggested sequences and poses

Blending dōTERRA essential oils with the business of yoga

Tips on approaching a studio

‘Plan B’ for instructors

Purchasing options and pricing

Marketing ideas

Learn About the Authors

dōTERRA Wellness Advocates created
The EssentialYoga Program

Jane Bloom

Marty Harger

Deidra Schaub

Stephanie Smith

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Add impact to oils explanations during your workshops using The EssentialYoga Program


You’ll find yourself turning to different chapters of
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The EssentialYoga Program Testimonials

The EssentialYoga Program allows me to make a difference helping others in ways I never could have imagined. At the end of each of the many workshops I’ve co-taught over the last few years, I’ve witnessed how people almost float on their mats with beautiful smiles, joy and peace on their faces. The workshops help us create impact and build a wellness-focused community by sharing a powerful essential oil experience to some who otherwise may never have been open to yoga or oils. I have been able to serve so many neglected segments of our community and individuals left hopeless by other wellness approaches. The tools and resources provided within the book allow me to introduce the healing power of nature paired with a beautiful yoga practice, both effectively and efficiently. The workshops in The EssentialYoga Program book can be easily duplicated by anyone who wants to empower others in their yoga community with dōTERRA essential oils education they can take off their mat and back out into the real world. If you’re like me, you’ll soon develop a passion for sharing the beautiful gift the workshops offer to support health and wellbeing for all!”

Anna Sassanelli, Lackawanna, New York

“Teaching weekly classes using The EssentialYoga Program has given me the opportunity to offer our community and clients a unique approach to enhance their personal practice with dōTERRA essential oils. We are able to connect mind, body and spirit more deeply and faster using the Program approach. Offering oils education while teaching yoga, has grown my dōTERRA team and business with new enrollments and orders from students. I love watching people experience the impact of the essential oils as they open their heart and body to more healing and expansion in these workshops!”

Molly Craig, Heber City, Utah

“Introducing The Essential Yoga Program into my yoga community has added so much more depth in my personal practice and for my students. Not only do the workshops have new oils to learn about and enjoy every month, they take us all on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery. The feedback I most often receive is “I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed and blissed out!” When I began offering the workshops, I didn’t truly realize the impact they were having until one of my students told me that during the workshop she was so happy to have rediscovered a part of herself with the help of the oils with yoga. Wow. I was blown away—how incredible to make such a positive difference in the lives of my yoga community! This is what I love the most about The EssentialYoga Program. It has been so exciting at my workshops each month to see new faces of people who want to experience the nourishment and bliss they have heard so much about, for themselves. My class sizes keep increasing too, as I am always receiving messages asking when I am holding the next workshop!”

Amy Masters, New Zealand

“Everyone needs to know about the power of essential oils, and how to support their well-being through movement like yoga. The EssentialYoga Program is the perfect guide to combine these two wellness and self-care tools in an experience that often leads to other lifestyle practices using essential oils. What I love about offering EssentialYoga workshops, is the unique way they introduce people to essential oils, or help them develop a greater understanding of the power oils can have in their personal practice and life.”

Jenni Hulburt , Portersville, Pennsylvania

“I’ve noticed that using the oils has allowed me to release judgment about where I am in my practice. I feel as though I am more present in each moment and able to harness the benefits both yoga and essential oils offer. The combination of yoga and daily oil use has allowed me to stay healthy and has given me energy…I love that! As a Reiki practitioner, I love incorporating the oils. They have served as effective tools allowing my clients to relax deeper and heal faster. I can’t wait to use them in designing my own yoga classes – the theme possibilities are endless! I have found the EssentialYoga classes are a great way to offer potential oil users an experience. In the grand scheme of things, this is probably what has benefited my dōTERRA business the most.”

Nicole Harings, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“I assisted with a special dōTERRA EssentialYoga Program workshops on a few occasions, applying the oils throughout as the instructor guided the students through the practice that day. I find the essential oils help us to be more grounded and help intensify the power of yoga. Sharing the oils with the yoga students has helped our dōTERRA business grow. The people taking classes want to learn more about the therapeutic impact of the oils because they can feel immediately how effective the oils can be.”

Joset Loewen, Brooks, Alberta, Canada

“I love The EssentialYoga Program because it allows me to teach seemingly elaborate workshops so easily. This program provides rich experiences for my students, not only by pairing yoga with dōTERRA’s highest quality oils, but doing so intelligently with beautiful themes and sequences. The EssentialYoga Program truly does all the hard work ahead of time and is an excellent tool to use in many settings. I’ve taught The EssentialYoga Program in yoga studios, karate studios, traditional offices, parks and private homes and everyone who participates always has a wonderful experience.”

Stephanie Richins , Park City, Utah

The Essential Yoga Program has expanded my dōTERRA essential oil business into the yoga world! I met a yoga studio owner and trainer through my husband and she immediately wanted to learn more about essential oils and incorporating them into her business. After a few months of holding a monthly EssentialYoga Program restorative yoga workshops with the dōTERRA oils, the studio owner fell in love with oils and how they helped her members and even her instructor students! She is now building her own dōTERRA business and sharing oils in more of her classes, with her friends and family, and we are now teaming up to offer Do-It-Yourself and educational workshops in her studio. The added blessing was how much I am now learning about yoga for my own health and I have a new beautiful friendship!”

Sonya Milu, Palm Beach, Florida

“As a yoga teacher, I found that combining dōTERRA essential oils with yoga in The EssentialYoga Program workshop took the practice to a whole new level. It became possible for me to heal my mind, body and spirit. My body responded beautifully when I was using oils to open my lungs, to soothe achy joints and muscles, plus my emotions were able to flow. My spirit awakened! Since I began teaching monthly EssentialYoga Program workshops, I have seen such big changes for myself, and get amazing feedback from my workshop students! The intentional way of incorporating the essential oils in my yoga classes and workshops has taken my business to a new level. My students are my clients, new yoga studios are my business partners. I have many stories I could share on how the dōTERRA oils have created breakthrough experiences for my yoga students during The EssentialYoga Program workshops. This Program truly offers real experiences to real people.”

Olya Carlin, Cary, North Carolina

“I teach an aromatherapy meditation program here in Germany. Although not yoga, our intention is to create a calming presence and help people get in better touch with themselves. Using the oils in meditation workshops creates a greater spiritual connection with more intense feelings of inner self or inner freedom. My students have told me they feel a more powerful connection or intensity in their practice using the oils, as well as a variation from meditation sessions without the oils. The oils help us to liberate the individual or open their awareness to new levels of understanding. My students are absolutely grateful for this workshop with oils concept!”

Michelle Ternedde, Bechhofen, Germany


Online training academy and community for yoga business owners and practitioners. Learn how to integrate the EssentialYoga™ Program into your yoga business to build a stronger business.


111-page guide with step-by-step “how to” tips that will help you create and lead 12 diverse monthly workshops with specific dōTERRA essential oil suggestions. They are sure to generate ‘buzz’ among your yoga students and fellow practitioners.


Are you ready to leverage your time and expertise in yoga and tap into the amazing power of dōTERRA ’s natural essential oils to generate more money, time and freedom? I can help.

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