How would you tell your story?

What parts of your journey would you share?

When I was asked to sit for an interview and photo shoot to tell the story of my life and wellness journey here it the Heber Valley, it was honestly a bit overwhelming considering we were just climbing out of a couple of years in hiding. “Exposure” was exciting to me as an entrepreneur, but as a person, it also touched deeply on extreme vulnerability.  Was I willing to share the story of my path with my community of 37,000+ people?

Much like the labryinth I built and walk daily as a practice in rebuilding my own post-pandemic emotional and mental wellbeing, the path my life story has taken was easier to map out through some great interview questions, than by trying to write it myself.

Betsy DeMann, the publisher of a local monthly magazine, Neighbors of Heber Valley, made the interview process a delightful, relaxed experience for me—like talking to a good friend. Shooting photos with Lexie Clayburn of Take A Hike Photography was also a joy!

If you’re curious to read a little more about my story of how I got here, from there…take a look!

Download a PDF copy here.  Sept 2022 Neighbors of Heber Valley