5 Phases of Learning

There are 5 key steps of learning to successfully master the use of The EssentialYoga Program to build your doTERRA team.  Each phase is outlined here, but there is other content related to each phase that you will find in this website.  New material is constantly being added – so watch for news of that as well.

Highlights of the key phases include:

Phase 1:  Get signed onto our Academy resources

Phase 2:  Get onto doTERRA’s website, blogs, Facebook pages and STUDY so you truly understand the company, the oils, and how to help people get what they need.  Take pride in learning all that you can to become more knowledgeable in the growing doTERRA business.  Know WHERE to find things vs memorizing answers.

Phase 3:  Solicit and confirm interest with Workshop hosts in your area!

Phase 4: Successfully promote and co-teach EssentialYoga Program workshops, leading to follow-on classes, enrollments and team growth.

Phase 5:  Duplicate Phases 1 – 4 with others to grow your doTERRA team in the yoga community!



Get connected online

Secret FB Academy BannerGet signed onto the FACEBOOK page.

Log on to the Website with your unique password.


Experience the Program as it was designed

Workshop applicationIf for any reason you haven’t already taken an EssentialYoga Program workshop – find one!

We learn so much about how we will teach the Program from participating in a workshop ourselves.  Go on, enjoy!



Learn the Program

yoga-program-bookWatch my 14 minute Introductory Webinar about the book to understand all that it contains. (Found in the Training Webinars and Videos section)

After you receive your first (or most recent) copy of The EssentialYoga Program book – take the time to really review its content and the tips already in the book.  Consider preparing your book as suggested in my Tool Tip – Notebook webinar. (Found in the Training Webinars and Videos section)

Take a look at the the Tear Pad  and watch the How to Use the Tear Pad Effectively webinar to understand this helpful tool. (Found in the Training Webinars and Videos section)

Listen to our recording of How to Successfully Build Your Team with The EssentialYoga Program on the Audio Training portion of our website recorded by the four book authors.

Launch the Program to GROW your team!

It begins by co-teaching an EssentialYoga workshop in one location (we use the word “studio” here). Enroll the yoga instructor/owner. Enroll team members for that studio following your workshop. Help the studio and your team leaders to teach regular classes about essential oils and start adding teammates from workshops, classes and on-going customers.  Remember that retail product sales at studios can help provide those first oils experiences that lead to committed interest over time, in joining your team.

You will see and learn a great deal more about this process through our calls, webinars, posts and emails, so start jotting down your key questions as they come up for you, and let’s discuss soon!

Team growth model

Make the Commitment and Provide Feedback on our Facebook page

sharing handsWe are launching this program to all doTERRA Wellness Advocates who want to leverage the natural connection between dōTERRA essential oils within the yoga community.

As an Academy member, you are part of a small but growing group committed to this approach and doTERRA business success.  You can build a magnificent residual income with doTERRA and The EssentialYoga Program.  But it can only succeed with your active participation.  So let’s move on…I am here to help!


Please proceed to PHASE 2 when you are ready for next steps.

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