Learn about dōTERRA & building your business:

shutterstock_401390065This aspect of your training is self-directed. There are no shortcuts to learning the information you need to successfully build a dōTERRA team using The EssentialYoga Program.  You will need to have a fundamental understanding of the company, its products, its policies, how to enroll people, the Loyalty Rewards Program, as well as how to earn an income with dōTERRA and the steps it takes to do so successfully.

You can take this information at your own pace but to be a professional spokesperson for the Program – these are the “doTERRA Fundamentals” you need to know. This is the exact same process you will introduce to those who want to join your dōTERRA team as Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates.  So take good notes and good luck to you!  (Remember that lemon, rosemary and InTune blend are all helpful to use for concentration, recall and processing new information!)

Get onto doTERRA’s website, blogs, Facebook pages and STUDY so you truly understand the company, the oils, and how to help people get what they need.  Take pride in learning all that you can to become more knowledgeable in the growing doTERRA business.  Know WHERE to find things vs memorizing answers.

Learn about doTERRA as a company
Visit doterra.com (takes about 2.5 – 3+ hours)

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Learn About Essential Oils, Scientific Research & Resources Available

Aromaticscience.coIt is very important that you take the time to identify what resources dōTERRA has made available to us ALL to learn more about essential oils. To successfully duplicate your dōTERRA ––––team and grow your business, teach others about the resources they can turn to for their own learning, health issues and ideas on how to use the oils in their lives and well being.  Your goal is NOT to become an oils expert, but to become a “tour guide” to those who join your team so they are empowered to bring these “gifts of the earth” into their lives, independent of their relationship with you.

Take a look at ALL of the research found in www.aromaticscience.com:


Many answers await about using oils on your team’s pages, at classes, Facebook groups and of course the doTERRA Products Blog!


Business BlogLearn About the Business and How to Build a Team

Each doTERRA team and team leader is encouraged to follow their own training system for those interested in building a doTERRA business. Please refer to your upline team leaders for ideas on what they’ve found most successful.   Get started with the fundamentals here. 

Other team training systems that create duplication in your business include:

Edge Success
Share Success


Be Prepared for Enrollments!

Classinabox121515Experienced doTERRA team builders will tell you that the old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” is so important in building your team.  Whether you use a specific system for training others, Tear Pads, doTERRA’s Class-in-a-Box or your own creations, here are few questions to ask yourself:

Do I have enough paperwork and materials for my workshop and enrollments?

Am I prepared with the doTERRA Virtual Office app on my phone?

Do I have samples with contact information on them?

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Please proceed to PHASE 3 when you are ready for next steps.