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Greetings! I’m Marty, and I’m really excited that YOU are here! Let’s get started with your training with a quick review to define what you’ll get from participating in this great business-building program.

The EssentialYoga Academy is a comprehensive, new, on-line training program I developed after traveling North America for the past few years, teaching hundreds of yogis using The EssentialYoga Program.

The Academy helps you short-cut your path to doTERRA team-building success in the yoga world, with the mastery-level training I am offering.


The EssentialYoga Academy will teach you how to share the vision that by combining the oils and yoga, we can help those who gather for a regular yoga practice to improve their health with natural approaches. As you help others, you’ll help yourself.  If you are a yoga instructor or doTERRA essential oil-loving yogi who wants to extend your influence on the world beyond the yoga studio, while creating a “Plan B” business income with doTERRA, the Academy has so many ideas for you!

Academy Overview

One does NOT need to be a member of the EssentialYoga Academy to use The EssentialYoga Program book and build their team.  However, the unique benefits of participation in the Academy are the mentoring, workshop materials and marketing tools, plus unique training curriculum access offered only to those who are registered.  When properly implemented, the workshops become a channel to find new dōTERRA leaders and team members by leveraging the initial studio relationships into opportunities to provide on-going oils education classes, retail sales, as well as future workshops and special events that will draw new markets of people to choose dōTERRA essential oils.   The EssentialYoga Academy will teach you how to do just that.

Like your own personal yoga practice, the Academy’s lessons require initial and on-going effort to master this approach to a huge opportunity for impact .  One does not need to be a yoga teacher to participate –have an understanding of dōTERRA, the oils, The EssentialYoga Program, yoga, and how to enroll others while building a dōTERRA business.  To get the most from the program, I encourage you to STAY ACTIVELY INVOLVED in learning, teaching, supporting others to join us in introducing doTERRA to the yoga community.

yoga-girlsWhat is the “yoga community” referenced in the Academy?

I use the term “yoga community” to refer to everyone who practices yoga or would like to practice, and who teaches yoga or wishes to, and anyone who owns a facility offering yoga classes or workshops for others. The word “community” also incorporates the idea of where yoga is practiced such as at home, in a studio, a gym or fitness center, outdoors, in a school, a church, a front porch or living room, the beach —or wherever one practices.  Community is more than a place or group, it has become a group or gathering of semi-like-minded-souls who practice their form of yoga in a location of their choosing. In other words, think of the most expansive definition you can come up with worldwide, and then consider these numbers to see why I believe that introducing The EssentialYoga Program through the skills you will refine in the Academy, offers you such a wonderful opportunity!

What is the opportunity for doTERRA in the yoga community?

You may be surprised at how yoga is gaining in popularity. The reasons “why?” are a great topic for one of our monthly calls as this ties directly to why essential oils are such a natural fit for those who practice and teach yoga. One of the yoga industry barometers is an annual study published by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance about the American market. While each country’s yoga “community” is highly varied, I believe much of this information is valid globally.  The opportunity as I see it? Endless, because of the groundswell of interest in natural approaches, like yoga, like oils, to feel better in body, mind and spirit.


Highlights of the 2016 Yoga in America Study

“Yoga is gaining popularity. The number of American yoga practitioners has increased to over 36 million in 2016, up from 20.4 million in 2012. 28% of all Americans have participated in a yoga class at some point in their lives.”

“Approximately 37 million Americans practice yoga today –up significantly from 20 million in 2012.”

“79% of yoga practitioners report giving back to the community compared to 59% of non-practitioners.”

In this webinar, I interpret some of the findings that are relevant to those interested in bringing essential oils into their local yoga community.

To download a copy of the study, 2016-Yoga-in-America-Study-Comprehensive-RESULTS

To download a copy of the Powerpoint used in my presentation, 2016-Yoga-in-America-Study-Topline-RESULTS

doTERRA_388_AdjUnique benefits for Academy members:

  • Save time figuring It out with step-by-step, proven training
  • Increase your doTERRA income with more effective yet honorable approaches
  • Improve the quality & business result of each workshop with our tools & training
  • Grow your team
  • Create increased demand for your workshops
  • Save money on bulk book and tear pad purchases to create duplication
  • Stay connected to the latest & most successful approaches
  • Increase your oils knowledge
  • Collaborate with our doTERRA/yoga/business builder community

What you receive:

  1. Guidance and training to master the most effective approach to introduce doTERRA essential oils to the growing, worldwide yoga community.
  2. A copy of The EssentialYoga Program book and Tear Pad
  3. Compliant essential oil “talk track” for each monthly workshop
  4. Online videos, audio recordings and downloads for workshop success
  5. Email updates with marketing tips, business ideas and special workshops notes.
  6. Monthly online “Office Hours” for your questions, training tips and group discussion
  7. Secret Facebook page access for on-going feedback
  8. Quantity discount on books, tear pads and marketing tools
  9. Special savings on in-person training opportunities
  10. Fantastic international travel opportunities

Plus a portion of our proceeds invested to improve the lives of those who create our oils!


How your investment in the Academy helps the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

HealingHandsLogo_stacked-01I have always believed we need to thank and support those who grow and create doTERRA’s beautiful essential oils on our behalf.

That’s why I’ve pledged 10% of all income from the EssentialYoga Academy as a donation to the Healing Hands Foundation –  doTERRA’s non-profit organization committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world.

doTERRA covers for all overhead and administrative costs of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly to those receiving aid.


One of the many temporary homes in Nepal built thanks to donations from the Healing Hands Foundation to withstand the monsoon season.

The Healing Hands Foundation, dōTERRA’s charitable organization, provides funding and resources to create community-based, social-impact projects to improve lives in the larger communities where doTERRA essential oils are sourced. Past projects include building or sponsoring existing medical clinics, installing drinking water and irrigation systems, building schools, and providing other educational resources such as vocational training programs.

If you’d like to contribute more and learn about the Healing Hands Foundation, please visit doTERRA’s website.

Become educated on the Healing Hands Foundation, Co-Impact Sourcing and how well aligned their philosophy is with yoga. Share the story as it is one of the ways that doTERRA is giving back as THE industry leader in the essential oil world.


Launch yourself into the Academy based on your interests

shutterstock_401390065While there is a somewhat logical sequence to advancing your use of The EssentialYoga Program through what I teach in the Academy – it is really up to you, where you are today in your team building efforts, and your own unique approach as to how you use the Academy materials.

We will continue to connect and communicate using the following:

  • Secret FACEBOOK PAGE is for posing questions, concerns, challenges or messaging me. (Anyone soliciting any other product or service on this page will be removed from all Academy access.)
  • Monthly E-NEWSLETTER will feature tips and ideas for the coming month’s workshop as well as business tips.
  • Password-protected WEBSITE contains materials that will be frequently updated (with mention on the Facebook page or via emails) with new content and ideas.
  • Monthly ZOOM calls where we can meet and discuss ideas, and I’ll offer new training material monthly.
  • Opportunities for IN-PERSON TRAINING around the country or around the world!
Please proceed to PHASE 1 when you are ready for next steps.

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