February 2021 Special Oils Offer


Ready to start down a healthier path with me this month? [February 2021] During the heart of the winter months and in the throes of this pandemic, it’s critical that we each have tools at the ready to help us take care of simple, everyday needs. Staying WELL is the name of the game, and my TOP recommendation to get started on a healthier path, is a unique collection of doTERRA essential oils and blends, along with a diffuser in a $249.00 package called the Healthy Essentials Kit.  It's an amazing value as you'll read ...

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Expand Essential Love and Trust


Would you like ideas to expand love and trust right now? We're all ready for a change from the disappointments, changes and upheaval of this past year.  You may find, as I have, that the constriction of our outer world --- to stay safe and secure --- is reflected in our bodies, our emotions and our relationships.  Well this month I want to help you expand again by finding ways to bring more love and trust into your life. I've got some suggestions in my blog post Essential Love and Trust that will help you ...

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Essential Love and Trust


Are you ready to explore a deeper understanding? It’s such an important time to look into our hearts. It’s what we’re all being called to do in this time of significant transitions, change, disconnection from former norms, and the challenges we each face adapting to an all-new world. We’re interacting differently and experiencing frequent needs to adjust to what we had counted on and trusted “before.” This month, I want to encourage you to come on an exploratory journey with me, tapping into Essential Love and Trust – so relevant right now.  I doubt there’s ...

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Geranium essential oil for balance, love and trust


I suggest this oil to re-establish and enhance love These are emotional times!  I've spent decades selecting specific essential oils for their natural, emotional support.  I've also chosen to spend my time teaching others to do for themselves. So when I suggest diffusing an essential oil and incorporating it into your daily routine, it’s because I’m a huge fan of leveraging the impact of aromatherapy to shift our mood and emotion.  I know from personal experience, that it works! My top pick for bringing in more of that essential love and trust? doTERRA’s Geranium essential ...

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Is it Time for an Essential Reboot? [Your January Reboot Plan]


Is it Time for an Essential Reboot? [Your January Reboot Plan] There’s a part of me that cringes when I think about the topic I want to share with you this month.  It’s honestly a GREAT topic to explore though, because it’s time for an Essential Reboot. My reboot is going to look a LOT more gentle, simple and fun than most – I promise! As January gets underway, some of us feel the building need to straighten up, clear out and figure out what we want in a “new” year.  Let’s ...

Is it Time for an Essential Reboot? [Your January Reboot Plan]2021-01-08T16:04:32-07:00

How to Balance Your Mental Well-Being with Essential Oils & Daily Rituals


How to Balance Your Mental Well-Being with Essential Oils & Daily Rituals Do you feel like a deep breath is in order? The kind that finds every little ounce of space in your lungs and then gently helps you drop your shoulders as you exhale? Now try it – Inhale...Exhale... Inhale... Exhale. The speed and depth of our breath makes a huge impact on our overall health, including our mental wellbeing.  Have you noticed yourself breathing in a more shallow way this year? Or more rapidly? When our brain is juggling serious ...

How to Balance Your Mental Well-Being with Essential Oils & Daily Rituals2020-12-01T10:26:40-07:00
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