Is it Time for an Essential Reboot?
[Your January Reboot Plan]

There’s a part of me that cringes when I think about the topic I want to share with you this month. 

It’s honestly a GREAT topic to explore though, because it’s time for an Essential Reboot.

My reboot is going to look a LOT more gentle, simple and fun than most – I promise!

As January gets underway, some of us feel the building need to straighten up, clear out and figure out what we want in a “new” year.  Let’s be honest though, most of us are still reeling from 2020 and licking our wounds of what didn’t happen or what changed from our original plan. That can make it hard to imagine a rosy picture for 2021—especially if it’s only been a couple of days into this new year and our heads are already spinning with the pace of change and fear in our world.

This month I want to talk to you about the idea of “reboot” which on a computer means to merely press “go” and get things started up again in a better way.

We may not be able to impact our outer world of politics, pandemic, economy, environment in a noticeable way, but there IS something we CAN do.

My suggestion? Choose one thing that could make a REAL difference in YOU, starting this month.  The BEST place to begin that can seriously improve your mental and emotional state, along with your body, the fastest and most critically…is what you put in your mouth.

But other than mostly vegetables and fruit – what can make the most difference?

Where the reboot all begins…

Think about what you put in your mouth that FEEDS your overall well being, vs drains it away.  Feeding yourself BETTER CHOICES will give your beautiful, wonderous body the help it needs to function appropriately and to create VITALITY and ENERGY to live your best life.

Rebooting isn’t just about improving your weight or digestive process, about supporting a healthy inflammatory response or immune function.  It’s SO much more than your physical being.  

YOU ARE ONE, INTEGRATED, WHOLE PERSON and what goes in, comes out in how you feel emotionally, how clearly your mind works and how you sleep. Rebooting is ESSENTIAL to feeling great and truly enjoying this life – especially in these times.  

How do I know? Well, let me share.

Can You Relate to My “Back Story”?

Growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, food was a lot of steak and potatoes, salad was Iceberg lettuce, and if a meal could come from a box or the frozen food isle – that was really cool and we ate it. Ho-Hos, loaves of gushy white bread, hotdogs, mac & cheese, Miracle Whip, Hamburger Helper—oh yes, these were just some of the foods I consumed regularly.  

Take a look at this “lovely” photo of me my senior year in high school – bloated, puffy, all things flour & sugar. Ugh.

I was sick a lot growing up, beginning about age 2. Multiple bouts with significant respiratory challenges and infections led to a constant intake of medications.  Still, I continued getting sick for weeks at at time, year after year. As I got a little older and suggested that maybe I needed to try some vitamins, I was told that we didn’t need them because our food had plenty. We ate what we needed.

Maybe you heard that too?

You see, my Dad was a doctor and the AMA was super clear that vitamins were a waste of money.  Our food had it all! 

So until I was in my thirties, I did what I was told and didn’t bother supplementing my food intake with vitamins or minerals of any kind. Paying attention to “nutrition” during that time wasn’t about nutrients, it was about dieting to lose weight. 

Things in my body started to change that another medication or diet change couldn’t fix…

I was struggling with severe menstrual cycle issues, skin problems and breakouts, night sweats, insomnia, shifting moods and the arrival of psoriasis on any part of my skin where there was repeated or sudden impact. It was bad!

What I was experiencing was a full-body inflammatory response that impacted every aspect of my being—my body and its systems, my mind, and my emotions.

Sound familiar? 

So a couple of things happened.  Tired of medications that weren’t helping, I started working with practitioners at an Integrative Healthcare group.  Their recommendations included regular massage, acupuncture to address my recurring sinus issues, sessions with the homeopathic physician, the nutritionist, the psychologist, and specific supplements to support my immune health.  While at times it felt like a LOT of approaches, I had committed to experiment with new options.  As this was the first immersion in wholistic, natural healthcare I was open to the “other side” with the thought of feeling good again as a huge motivator.  Not only did I soak up every appointment and suggestion from the practitioners at that clinic, but I started making some serious changes and had great results.

I started focusing on fresh vegetables and fruit in my diet and significantly less meat.  I stuck with their integrative health suggestions and added to them over time with a few others I discovered.  My arsenal included sessions for self-care and a reboot of my life. 

The result was a happier, healthier me, and a decision to pursue a path to share what I’d learned and experienced with others.

When I Realized This Was a Lifelong Pursuit

Eight years later, I was running my wellness center, practicing full-time as a massage therapist when I was introduced to the doTERRA essential oils. I loved the oils (in case you haven’t heard) and within the first month I purchased them, I was invited to their first convention along with about 300 other people. 

At that event, they introduced the Lifelong Wellness Pack (now called the Lifelong Vitality Pack) of three supplements taken twice daily: a vitamin and mineral, an anti-oxidant to support normal cell growth, and Omegas with essential fatty acids amd essential oils.  They raved on and on about how great their Pack was – the perfect balance of supplements to compliment your good food choices.  I wanted to give it a try, but you had to commit to use it consistently each day for 90-days to the benefit. 

So I committed to a 90-day trial.  At the time, I still had quite a few health challenges in spite of using several natural products along with doctor-prescribed medications.  Within about 10 weeks or 90 days, I began noticing that I could feel the sensation of my airways opening as I took deep breaths, that my muscles and joints felt fantastic, and that my skin was smooth and supple again in some former trouble spots. 

The “doTERRA difference” was getting very obvious to me as I hadn’t changed ANYTHING else in my diet, lifestyle or health approach except using doTERRA essential oils and wellness supplements. 

In the twelve years since I was introduced to doTERRA, I continue to be so impressed with how the Lifelong Vitality Pack of supplements and natural liquid plant extracts help me enjoy my life and have consistently, incredible health!  I’ve stayed well – which is critical for a small business owner, let alone as a person! I feel great. I sleep better. 

What Today’s Science Tells Us

We’ve come a long way in our worldwide nutritional knowledge over the past 50 years. Take the topic of vitamins and minerals alone. The once-daily vitamin pill of years gone by was developed based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs.) RDAs are the levels of intake of essential nutrients that, on the basis of scientific knowledge, are judged by the Food and Nutrition Board to be adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of practically all healthy persons. Our food was different back then because soil was different, more products were grown locally, and so there were minimal vitamins and minerals needed to supplement what we were already receiving in our foods. A lot has changed in 50 years!

Sometime around the 1980’s and 1990’s, research suggested making supplements that exceeded the RDA amounts of certain nutrients could have additional health benefits. Those studies then kicked off an era of comprehensive, high-dose multivitamins popular in the specialty nutrition markets. Competition in this “Multivitamin 2.0” market is fierce and many companies seem to be upping the “horsepower” of their supplements to send a message that more must be better.

But more is NOT better! We know that in nature, there is always a bell-shaped relationship, where initially, at a low nutrient intakes, more IS better, then you reach a plateau of optimum intakes, and then—if you keep taking more and more—you see negative side effects and ultimately toxicity. There is no exception to this rule. Even water can kill you when drink too much of it.

Recent scientific studies showed that amounts of vitamins and minerals previously assumed safe turned out to cause some side effects when people take them for a very long time. Interestingly, most companies in the supplement industry belittled or dismissed these studies.

doTERRA however, decided to take these studies seriously because they do NOT believe in the more-is-better horsepower game others in the supplement industry espouse. Using the optimum level of micronutrients nature intend for us to consume in our food, doTERRA tied its’ supplement program to what ancient diets provided in the pre-industrialized agriculture period. These optimal levels of micronutrients provide balanced amount of each vitamin, mineral, trace element, phytonutrient and omega-3, no less and no more. There’s lots of talk about the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats in today’s nutrition world. But the same principle also applies to the micronutrients! doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack provides the ideal balance of micronutrients that when taken daily, can have a hugely positive impact on your life!

Ask Your Doctor – Maybe She’ll Know!

Many of today’s physicians have taken time to study nutrition and supplementation and make recommendations to their patients. Certainly, this is the case with many obstetricians who recommend supplementation for moms-to-be.  So take a look at the Product Information Pages linked here.

Microplex VMZ

Alpha CRS


Download a copy with the ingredients and take it to your doc. Get their opinion if you’d like before you say “yes” to the Lifelong Vitality Pack and a reboot this month with me.

Over the last 12 years, nearly everyone I know has received the AOK from their physician AND found such tremendous benefit as they consistently take the Lifelong Vitality Pack into their body, that I highly, highly recommend you give it a try for 90-days like I did.  It’s clear that our bodies can do amazing things for self-healing when given the right support over ten weeks.

Consistency is Key in Wellness

Bottom line is this. If you want to know what is essential in the way you reboot your being this year, I encourage you to commit to taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack with me for 3 months, each day, and see how you feel.

It’s as simple as my helping you get set up with a doTERRA wholesale membership and have you join me team. Then together, we can work on your reboot plan while I help you understand the simplest ways to bring healthy and vitality back into your life this year.

What we put IN our body plays such a key role in how we feel mentally and emotionally. Couldn’t we all use a boost in that department this year?

Help yourself feel well and tap into the vitality that is yours for the asking.  Let’s work together to give you the nutritional foundation you need to set the stage for living well and being happier, starting this month!

Let me help you choose wholesale pricing on doTERRA essential oils and products!

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A Few Final Thoughts

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