How to Balance Your Mental Well-Being
with Essential Oils & Daily Rituals

Do you feel like a deep breath is in order? The kind that finds every little ounce of space in your lungs and then gently helps you drop your shoulders as you exhale? Now try it – Inhale…Exhale… Inhale… Exhale.

The speed and depth of our breath makes a huge impact on our overall health, including our mental wellbeing.  Have you noticed yourself breathing in a more shallow way this year? Or more rapidly? When our brain is juggling serious choices to steer clear of the heaviness, the confusion, the “rabbit hole” of conflicting information and fear, we may or may not notice how we’re cutting off our life force, our air, our breath.

What I’ve found, is that practicing certain daily habits, ones that are non-negotiable to me, has allowed me to take a deep breath and gain perspective on this year of constant change. These habits have been my saving grace.

Here’s what I’ve been doing along with millions of others seeking some semblance of calm and clarity. It’s really helped me over time. Not so much day one, five, fifteen or sometimes now even years into this daily practice.  It’s why we call it a “practice.” Because each experience is unique and over time, when repeated over and over, it becomes increasingly more natural to us, easier to do, and in 2020, quite necessary.

As I begin EVERY morning with zero exceptions no matter where I am, I start with a short but calming meditation practice where I literally sit in the darkness, in my pjs, legs propped with living room pillows, blanket around me for warmth and my favorite essential oil blend – the doTERRA Peace Touch blend – rubbed onto the palm of my hands and cupped around my nose before I begin. I also apply any excess to the tip of my nose and my forehead or 3rd eye. It is such a grounding aromatic blend for me!

Every morning. Early. Before the world wakes up. And yes, I DO set an alarm so that is possible.

You see, I’ve always been considered a rather “energetic” woman. Pretty much since the day I was born! Calming activity to start my day by tuning in vs focusing outward makes a huge difference in the way my day will go. If I don’t make time for even a few minutes for my daily practice, I begin to get increasingly off track from the most important people and activities in my life. If I don’t pause for peace each morning as a ritual to start the day, I find my concentration disappears early on, and subtly, slowly, subconsciously—I start picking up everybody’s “stuff” and I lose my focus on what really matters.

This has been increasingly apparent in 2020 when our ability to decide how we want to show up as our best selves, is tested seemingly by the hour!

Morning meditation anchored with an essential oil blend like the doTERRA Peace Reassuring blend is honestly easy to do, and very, very powerful to one’s emotional balance over time. If you don’t already have a practice – try a free App on your phone like Headspace. Or do what I do: focus on observing your breath with a mindfulness meditation approach.

Adding Essential Oils Rapidly Improves Mood & Emotion

I’ve personally found and heard from hundreds of others, that adding the doTERRA Peace blend to one’s daily meditation practice helps dissipate anxious feelings and overwhelm in a matter of minutes.

The influence of pleasant aromas like this combination of Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Labdanum and Spearmint essential oils is quite profound and VERY fast-acting. Did you know that our mind registers pleasant aromas within 30 seconds of inhalation, and our autonomic nervous system’s “rest & relax” reaction kicks in, overtaking any aspect of “fight or flight”?

Using the power of Aromatherapy – a tool that’s been used worldwide for thousands and thousands of years, and one that is scientifically-researched field about the therapeutic impact of aroma on our mood and emotion.

Why & How to Use the Peace Blend I Suggest

doTERRA’s Peace blend combines calming floral oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage that help us emotionally address fear, worry and hurt; with energizing mint oils such as Marjoram and Spearmint for anxiousness, insecurity and apathy; with a bit of grounding tree resin oils such as Vetiver, Frankincense and Labdanum to help address grief, sadness and fear. Together in the Peace Reassuring Blend, these oils pull us up to help lift our emotional burdens and bring us to a place where we can feel more composed, content, peaceful, calm and reassured.

The Peace Reassuring blend is designed for aromatic or topical use.

It is safe to use undiluted as well, which we call using it “neat” in the essential oil world. The Peace TOUCH Blend is the basic blend plus Fractionated Coconut Oil added into a 10ml roller bottle applicator for topical use. I use the neat/undiluted blend for my diffuser, and use the TOUCH version for topical use.

Here’s how I apply them:

  • Morning before meditation: I apply the blend (in either form) onto the palm of my hand, cup my hands around my nose and inhale slowly multiple times. I also apply it to the pulse points behind my ears and on my wrists, so as it absorbs into my blood stream, it gets carried around my body to where these oils are needed.
  • Afternoon: I often diffuse the blend while I’m working, but I also put a drop or two over my heart to encourage pleasant interactions throughout my day.
  • At bedtime: You can diffuse the Peace blend at your bedside to encourage a calming and restful sleep.

If you’re struggling with emotions that zap your energy and joy such as hurt, worry, fear, anxiousness, insecurity or apathy, consider how the Peace blend incorporated into your daily routine can help. Its “super power” encourages us to feel more composed, content, peaceful, calm and reassured. Now doesn’t THAT sound like a better place to spend your day?

Using Natural, Aromatherapy Tools Can Enhance Our Mood

The quality of the oils you use is paramount to their impact on your emotions and wellbeing, and that’s why I only use doTERRA essential oils. It takes hundreds and thousands of pounds of plant material to create true, therapeutic-grade essential oils. With their increasing popularity, many unscrupulous companies have taken all kinds of shortcuts to fool consumers into thinking they can get inexpensive oils that have the same impact using synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and loads of chemicals and preservatives on the plants.  These choices negatively impact our health and planet!

The great news is that there is significant, scientific research on the topic of essential oil purity to separate the good from bad.  What I love about the doTERRA oils I’ve chosen to use and share with others, is that doTERRA is committed to provide only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. They perform over 60 different quality control tests on every batch of oils, every time that begins in the country of origin, moves on to a 3rd party testing laboratory, and then brought in-house for a final round of tests.

doTERRA’s goal is to ensure that even though plants can vary with growing season factors, that they provide a consistent quality to allow their oil users to count on similar impact with every use. This is why so many doctors and hospitals are beginning to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into their practice and facilities. I love that part—the bridge between complementary therapies and western medicine!

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doTERRA’s Peace Reassuring Blend is one of six blends in the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy collection.

The other blends in the Emotional Aromatherapy Collection offer what their name suggests, such as Cheer, Console, Forgive, Motivate and Passion. I use them all, and I have hundreds of stories of how they’ve helped. Each of these undiluted blends comes in a 5ml bottle that contains 85 drops of essential oil. If you don’t have them yet, please reach out and let me help you get these powerful & affordable emotional aromatherapy tools into your life. I’d welcome the chance to guide you through the world of essential oils!

Once I take in the beautiful aromatic combination of the Peace blend, my body relaxes, and my mind follows. I sink into the quiet, and suddenly I feel that I am present with my day.

Making even 15 minutes for quiet and deep breathing with the Peace blend each morning has made a world of difference for me. I feel more calm and at ease, as if I’ve put the world on pause and created a presence in my day all to myself. It’s a ritual I hope you’ll consider creating for yourself, or perhaps introducing the Peace blend into your existing practice.

Do you have the doTERRA Peace blend in your home?

I HIGHLY recommend it! If not, I’m happy to help you get some in one of two formats – undiluted or the roller bottle TOUCH version for topical use. Personally, I like the roller bottle version because I can monitor how much I am applying in the early-morning darkness before I begin my meditation!

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How Presence Makes a Difference In Your Day

It’s been so easy to get ahead of ourselves in 2020. Focusing on the future usually takes us to a place of anxious anticipation, and even into fear. Focusing on the past can create longing and almost a blocking of what we get to experience in THIS moment. The gift of now is about staying in the present moment, noticing what is happening inside our heart, our mind, our body.

If we listen to the messages we are presented in moments of self-reflection – we pick up clues about how we’re doing, where we may want to shift aspects of our lives and perhaps considering what purposeful actions could help us. This place of presence with all of our being, is where we find life balance and joy.

I like to incorporate a variety of activities that help bring me back into the present moment. Things like hiking in nature, journaling each morning to express my thoughts, listening to a new piece of music, reading an interesting book, or dancing in my kitchen! For some its knitting, painting, cooking a great meal, crossword puzzles, even hula hooping.

I find it when I’m downhill skiing – a lifelong passion – that requires full attention as I glide down the mountainside.
When you think about it, each of these types of activities can only be done with 100% of our mind on the task at hand. Finding those activities that create a true sense of presence, of balance, is important in our lives. They can change over time. But they are great emotional levelers and I highly encourage you to find YOUR joy in activities that bring you into the moment.

What gifts have you discovered about yourself in 2020? As we’ve all had to adapt to so many significant life changes, have you found moments of joy doing something that maybe you’d forgotten from your past? Perhaps a hobby you had loved but run out of time to do? Maybe an old friend that has come back into your life? Or how about trying to re-create a meal that was a bit more complex than the usual?

As we look back at 2020, while we’ll all have distinct memories of what impacted our lives, I hope we will also each be able to say “that was the year that I had to slow down a bit and I started noticing what I REALLY wanted in my life.”

I hope you’ve begun to re-evaluate the life you’re living and begun uncovering what matters to you, and how you want to fill your days. We all have choices on how to interpret what we’ve experienced. Let’s each try to focus on the moments of joy we found in 2020.

I look forward to sharing more essential ideas to help you live your best life by discovering your true nature, through nature.

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