Would you like ideas to expand love and trust right now?

We’re all ready for a change from the disappointments, changes and upheaval of this past year.  You may find, as I have, that the constriction of our outer world — to stay safe and secure — is reflected in our bodies, our emotions and our relationships.  Well this month I want to help you expand again by finding ways to bring more love and trust into your life.

I’ve got some suggestions in my blog post Essential Love and Trust that will help you deepen your awareness of yourself, love as well as how and who you trust.  As we each do the work to become more self-aware, we become ready to open to that essential love and trust of others.

So much of the “work” we need to do begins with our emotional perspective.   My top pick for bringing in more of that essential love and trust? doTERRA’s Geranium essential oil which is known as the “Oil of Love and Trust.” In this video, I’ll share some specific ways Geranium can help you on a physical and emotional level. It’s an excellent tool to use right now!

Take new ACTION to expand yourself, to open your heart, and open your mind to even more people.

Essential love and trust is what the world needs now!

I hope you enjoy this video message today.