Traveling Healthy With Essential Oils Workshop


Let's Get Moving! Join Marty Harger, oils enthusiast, world traveler and Essential Earth Explorations founder for this special webinar focused on traveling healthier, with essential oils in your suitcase. In this webinar, you'll hear about the smart travel preparations and natural essential oil tools that will help you feel well and stay well on arrival AND when you get back home. Marty is an international traveler whose been using essential oils for decades as her primary go-to for health care. As founder of an international travel company Essential Earth Explorations, Marty will highlight not only what to pack and how to [...]

Traveling Healthy With Essential Oils Workshop2021-04-11T14:56:00-02:00

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation


What's In YOUR Suitcase? We pack so much more than clothes and sundries in a suitcase when we travel. We also “pack” our hopes, our expectations, our concerns into that same travel experience. As some of us begin to venture beyond in 2021, whether we admit it or not, we all have at least a wee bit of travel trepidation. For instance, will we have access to a “clean” restroom? Will we stay healthy? And what happens if we start to feel a tickle in our throat, a cough or sneezing begin, or a sense of [...]

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation2021-04-11T16:15:46-02:00

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}


Are you ready for adventure? “Just can’t wait to get on the road again.” With thanks to singer-songwriter Willy Nelson, my ever-present wanderlust, and my vaccine series now completed, this month I want to share some tips to bring safe, Essential Travel back into your life. Maybe “Essential” is a strong word implying necessary, required, critical.  Well, for me it is! I want to share some specific ideas to help you explore the world around you with open eyes and a healthy curiosity for what’s out there waiting to be discovered. It’s been over a year [...]

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}2021-04-11T17:08:28-02:00
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