doTERRA Open House & Product Reveal


Come explore doTERRA’s BRAND NEW Essential Oil & Wellness Products with me! Join me for a fun get together where you can experience all new products from doTERRA! I will have just returned from the doTERRA 2023 Convention where a whole new collection of essential oils, blends and wellness products are revealed. Come over to my home to explore them with me and learn about the latest offerings from the world's largest and most effective essential oil company. I've used doTERRA oils and products for over 15 years and I promise you, their quality and value for your health is ...

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My January 2023 Article: Curb the Food Cravings, Naturally!


Curb the Cravings, Naturally with MetaPWR   In the January issue of Neighbors of Heber Valley Magazine, I wrote an article about the health impact I've found with the new doTERRA MetaPWR System.  The results I've seen in four months have been fabulous! Click here for the article on Page 13: January 2023 NeighborsOfHeberValley The doTERRA MetaPWR System contains 3 key products: a blend of doTERRA essential oils that includes Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon Bark an herbal supplement with the blend that helps stabilize blood sugar levels when consuming carbohydrate-heavy meals a 9-collagen packet, with the MetaPWR blend ...

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Getting Featured in Our Heber Valley Magazine


How would you tell your story? What parts of your journey would you share? When I was asked to sit for an interview and photo shoot to tell the story of my life and wellness journey here it the Heber Valley, it was honestly a bit overwhelming considering we were just climbing out of a couple of years in hiding. "Exposure" was exciting to me as an entrepreneur, but as a person, it also touched deeply on extreme vulnerability.  Was I willing to share the story of my path with my community of 37,000+ people? ...

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