Best Oils for Essential Clearing


Get Spring Underway With An Essential Clearing It’s been a long year! So when it comes to clearing out the sluggish, low-energy, unhealthy aspects of ourselves to get to our true essence, I’ve found that doTERRA’s Zendocrine Detoxification blend has SO much to offer! In this video, I share the reasons I feel so strongly about this choice. Then I cover some of the key physical and emotional benefits of each oil in the blend. I also refer to my recent Essential Clearing blog post I created to further explain ways to naturally clear what’s ...

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March 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!


Let me help you tap these great values! Special Savings with doTERRA for March! March on it to essential oil and diffuser savings with me and doTERRA this month. NEW to doTERRA?  Email me at and let's talk this week so I can help you join my team as a wholesale member, AND to get you exactly what you need, including these special offers! Already have a wholesale membership? Great - log on and add these great deals to your order, and remember that orders that process on a Loyalty Reward Program order by ...

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February 2021 Special Oils Offer


Ready to start down a healthier path with me this month? [February 2021] During the heart of the winter months and in the throes of this pandemic, it’s critical that we each have tools at the ready to help us take care of simple, everyday needs. Staying WELL is the name of the game, and my TOP recommendation to get started on a healthier path, is a unique collection of doTERRA essential oils and blends, along with a diffuser in a $249.00 package called the Healthy Essentials Kit.  It's an amazing value as you'll read ...

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