Traveling Healthy With Essential Oils Workshop


Let's Get Moving! Join Marty Harger, oils enthusiast, world traveler and Essential Earth Explorations founder for this special webinar focused on traveling healthier, with essential oils in your suitcase. In this webinar, you'll hear about the smart travel preparations and natural essential oil tools that will help you feel well and stay well on arrival AND when you get back home. Marty is an international traveler whose been using essential oils for decades as her primary go-to for health care. As founder of an international travel company Essential Earth Explorations, Marty will highlight not only what to pack and how to [...]

Traveling Healthy With Essential Oils Workshop2021-04-11T14:56:00-02:00

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation


What's In YOUR Suitcase? We pack so much more than clothes and sundries in a suitcase when we travel. We also “pack” our hopes, our expectations, our concerns into that same travel experience. As some of us begin to venture beyond in 2021, whether we admit it or not, we all have at least a wee bit of travel trepidation. For instance, will we have access to a “clean” restroom? Will we stay healthy? And what happens if we start to feel a tickle in our throat, a cough or sneezing begin, or a sense of [...]

Natural Tools for Travel Trepidation2021-04-11T16:15:46-02:00

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}


Are you ready for adventure? “Just can’t wait to get on the road again.” With thanks to singer-songwriter Willy Nelson, my ever-present wanderlust, and my vaccine series now completed, this month I want to share some tips to bring safe, Essential Travel back into your life. Maybe “Essential” is a strong word implying necessary, required, critical.  Well, for me it is! I want to share some specific ideas to help you explore the world around you with open eyes and a healthy curiosity for what’s out there waiting to be discovered. It’s been over a year [...]

Essential Travel {Ready for Adventure?}2021-04-11T17:08:28-02:00

April 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!


Special doTERRA savings and new kits! April savings with doTERRA! Spring in to April savings on doTERRA essential oils, new kits and collections that help you create a fantastic combination of natural tools for your home and healthy lifestyle! NEW to doTERRA?  Email me at and let's talk this week so I can help you join my team as a wholesale member, AND to get you exactly what you need, including these special offers! Already have a wholesale membership? Wonderful! Just log in to your account and add these great deals to your April order. [...]

April 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!2021-04-04T13:59:12-02:00

FREE Essential Oils for Animals Workshop


Learn about the safe use of doTERRA essential oils with your pets from a leading veterinarian, Dr. Janet Roark - the Essential Oil Vet Join me for this exciting webinar on Essential Oils and Animals with none other than the Essential Oil Vet, Dr. Janet Roark. Dr. Janet is a veterinarian in Austin, Texas and one of the first members of doTERRA’s Veterinarian Advisory Board. REGISTRATION ON THE LINK BELOW IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. Dr. Roark will be joining us live - here are the details! ● Learn How, When and What to use when it comes to using doTERRA [...]

FREE Essential Oils for Animals Workshop2021-02-28T19:56:34-02:00

Best Oils for Essential Clearing


Get Spring Underway With An Essential Clearing It’s been a long year! So when it comes to clearing out the sluggish, low-energy, unhealthy aspects of ourselves to get to our true essence, I’ve found that doTERRA’s Zendocrine Detoxification blend has SO much to offer! In this video, I share the reasons I feel so strongly about this choice. Then I cover some of the key physical and emotional benefits of each oil in the blend. I also refer to my recent Essential Clearing blog post I created to further explain ways to naturally clear what’s in [...]

Best Oils for Essential Clearing2021-03-13T21:11:28-02:00

DIY Home Spa Day Workshop


Join me for a fun and FREE Do-It-Yourself Home Spa Day workshop with essential oils! Great recipes and practices to take care of YOU! Spring is on its way and that means it's time to wrap up the winter season and take care of YOU with some effective and easy DIY home spa practices. In this workshop, I'll cover ideas for setting the stage for relaxation at home. We'll talk about the primary doTERRA essential oils I've found helpful for different self-applied spa "services" you can try. Bring your doTERRA essential oil collection, and a pen and paper for note-taking. I'll [...]

DIY Home Spa Day Workshop2021-02-28T19:46:40-02:00

March 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!


Let me help you tap these great values! Special Savings with doTERRA for March! March on it to essential oil and diffuser savings with me and doTERRA this month. NEW to doTERRA?  Email me at and let's talk this week so I can help you join my team as a wholesale member, AND to get you exactly what you need, including these special offers! Already have a wholesale membership? Great - log on and add these great deals to your order, and remember that orders that process on a Loyalty Reward Program order by Monday, [...]

March 2021 doTERRA Special Offers!2021-03-01T12:04:15-02:00
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