Viewing statues in Egypt


This journey is designed with the perfect balance of education, exploration and unique experiences in Egypt by both land and river cruise. Each day will unveil something new to discover, with ample time at day’s end to relax and absorb all you’ve seen and done.

During your time in Egypt, you will learn the extensive history of the pyramids and ancient temples by seeing them, gain knowledge of historical artifacts while visiting the Egyptian Museum, and gain understanding of the real customs of Egyptian life.

  • Deepen your knowledge of the nature’s liquid plant remedies with a visit to the Hashem Brothers farm for an essential oil immersion.
  • Explore Cairo by Night for a delicious Food Tasting Tour.
  • Wander through many of Egypt’s most magnificent architectural wonders.
  •  Spend time at a Nubian house and learn about Nubian women’s trade skills in the creation of beautiful necklaces and hand-woven scarves.
  • Enjoy Brunch with an Upper Egypt household wife to learn about authentic Egypt from a local family.
  • Help prepare and enjoy an authentic Egyptian meal.
  • Shop for unique treasures to bring home and enjoy for years to come!

Comfortable, Luxury Travel for your Wellbeing

Your comfort and safety is always our top concern! From luxury accommodations in Cairo and while cruising on the Nile River,  to the comfortable, air-conditioned mini coach for touring, we always keep your wellbeing as our priority. Not only are many meals included, but we have carefully vetted excellent options in dining experiences for you to explore the flavors of native cuisine during your visit! Temperatures are generally wonderful in April— an ideal time to visit Egypt with averages in the mid-80’s F during the day and evenings into the low-60’s.

Neroli flower

Essential Oil Exploration Day

A truly unique day for new learning awaits as we visit the Hashem Brothers family plantation – known as Egypt’s largest Bitter Orange and Jasmine plantation. Here we will discover a variety of plants who upon distillation or effleurage, result in exquisite, aromatic essential oils.  These fragrant liquid essences are prized the world over for their therapeutic value addressing physical health concerns, emotional and mental wellbeing, and for their use in spiritual traditions over thousands of years.  As we experience an immersive learning experience about Egypt agribusiness, we will have the special opportunity to learn about a family whose priority has always been to restore Egypt’s essential oils industry to its former glory.