Sign In Sheet with Liability Release


When we teach our workshops in a location other than a studio where participants are required to sign a waiver or release in order to attend class, we need to be prepared with our own "release" of liability.  Since liability laws and waivers of responsibility vary by state, you will want to run this past your attorney to insure it is adequate, but here is a sample form you could use that I've adapted when I teach in more public places. Sign In Sheet - Waiver  (Word document you can edit) Sign In Sheet - Waiver  (PDF version if you ...

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Monthly Workshop Essential Oil Notes


Here's a TREMENDOUS TIME-SAVING GIFT  just for Academy members!   Below is a link to series of compliant essential oil instructor notes covering the PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL properties of each oil and blend in that month's workshop. The notes are written with the theme in mind, and will save you hours of research and refining! Make your class your own, but know that these notes are truly a prize for your investment!  ENJOY! January: EYA January Workshop Notes February: EYA February Workshop Notes March: EYA March Workshop Notes April: EYA April Workshop Notes May: EYA May Workshop Notes June: EYA June Workshop Notes July: EYA July Workshop ...

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Workshop Preparation Planning Checklist


Take the guess work out of planning a professional, well-attended Workshop. Plan ahead by reviewing this checklist with your host and co-instructor so questions are addressed in advance. You'll also note how it prompts you to plan the follow up activities, "next steps" on opportunities that arise and for future workshops. Workshop Preparation Planning Checklist Aug 2016

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Sample Class Outline for New Instructors


This handout makes a simple summary of the important steps and expectations to be discussed with a yoga instructor new to The EssentialYoga Program workshop.  I have sent a copy of it with a personalized cover note to a prospective instructor along with a copy of the Tear Pad to give them an idea of the Program, that I then follow up with by phone or an in-person meeting when possible. The second page of the handout breakdown the sequence of events in the workshop for each instructor. It then describes when each of the oils are introduced depending on ...

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Monthly Oils Costs


It is critical to plan ahead, budget for, and order the doTERRA essential oils you need for your next month's workshop.  To help you prepare, here is a chart that indicates which oils you'll need, and the wholesale price of each oil you can order on your Loyalty Reward Program order the month prior to your workshop so you'll have time to prepare the bottles and learn about the oils to be used. You may want to make sure your fellow instructor has a sample set to experience prior to the workshop.  Other tips are shown on the chart.  (Prices ...

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Creating an Instructor Workshop Introduction


One of the most important steps at the start of your workshop is to create excitement and interest in each instructor. Do not skip this step!  Your enthusiasm in describing one another will set the tone for the audience, and why they should really listen to you.  We call this “edifying” your co-instructor.  Make sure you do this for your host instructor – particularly if they are a yoga teacher, as they may “assume” everyone knows their background…which they don’t, and will likely find fascinating! Get the details here when you download Creating An Instructor Workshop Introduction.

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Class Sign In Sheet


If I am not doing a drawing at my workshops, I ALWAYS capture attendee names and contact information. Often a studio has this information on file for regular clients, but if I am trying to follow up about doTERRA with attendees - I need their info too - AND in a timely manner.  This is a simple sheet you can pass around or have at the front door as they enter and get their class supplies.  Don't miss this important step! Sign In Sheet - Name Phone Email Who

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Workshop Enter-to-Win Slips


I've provided a few different templates you can download and photocopy/trim to hand out to each workshop attendee. This helps you find out their future interests in oils, hosting events, becoming an oil educator, and/or their primary health concerns.  Take a look and find one that suits your needs, or make your own. Enjoy! Enter to Win Slip 1 Enter to Win Slip 2  

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