Monthly Workshop Essential Oil Notes

Gift-wrapped-packages1Here’s a TREMENDOUS TIME-SAVING GIFT  just for Academy members!


Below is a link to series of compliant essential oil instructor notes covering the PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL properties of each oil and blend in that month’s workshop.

The notes are written with the theme in mind, and will save you hours of research and refining!

Make your class your own, but know that these notes are truly a prize for your investment!  ENJOY!

January: EYA January Workshop Notes

February: EYA February Workshop Notes

March: EYA March Workshop Notes

April: EYA April Workshop Notes

May: EYA May Workshop Notes

June: EYA June Workshop Notes

July: EYA July Workshop Notes

August: EYA August Workshop Notes

September: EYA September Workshop Notes

October: EYA October Workshop Notes

November: EYA November Workshop Notes

December: EYA December Workshop Notes