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Julie Maitland


"I think dōTERRA exemplifies integrity in its values and product purity as well as generosity across the spectrum of its business model. The opportunity exists to create your own future on a daily basis by modeling the behavior of extraordinary leaders such as Marty and Jim Harger. Through their team, Inspiration Nation, Marty and Jim thoughtfully, enthusiastically, and creatively provide continuous support and yes, you guessed it, INSPIRATION, to the team (and it's a big one)! I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and the dōTERRA business model allows me to take the finest essential oils, and [...]

Julie Maitland2016-07-03T23:54:17-02:00

Stephanie Smith


"I love this business, the company ethics, and the people that this company attracts. It is not easy, nor is it fast money, but it is fulfilling on every level and worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears! I love being on the Harger's team because of the continued support that is offered. I would not have had the success in my dōTERRA business without the Hargers. Freedom is my biggest why. I also love the people that have come into my life from doing this business."

Stephanie Smith2016-07-03T23:53:41-02:00

Niki Harings


"Not only do I feel super lucky to be a part of dōTERRA and have access to amazing products, but also super lucky to be on the Harger team. The quality of people and support all around has made this a powerful experience in building my business and pushing me to levels of success I hadn’t quite imagined. I am doing dōTERRA as a business so I can affect the greatest change possible in others who may not be dreaming as big as they could. I have seen several peoples’ potential become realized and it inspires me every day."

Niki Harings2016-07-03T23:30:20-02:00

Suzy Howard


"Being in dōTERRA has offered a way to help others in ways I never thought possible. By helping others reach their wellness and financial goals, I feel that I am giving back to my community. Being a part of Team Harger has helped me immensely in reaching my goals. Without having this team of amazing leaders behind me, I would never have thought myself capable of attaining those goals. Their belief in me was enough to get me to the point that I believed in myself."

Suzy Howard2016-07-03T23:15:39-02:00

Valerie Schlesinger


"I love being a part of dōTERRA. I enrolled with Marty Harger and Stephanie Smith over four years ago. They have both been so supportive of me. I wouldn't be where I am today without their help! I share dōTERRA because I believe in the company and the power of the oils. I love teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives by teaching yoga and by using our products!"

Valerie Schlesinger2016-07-03T23:14:31-02:00