Why Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a critical tool for your daily wellness lifestyle toolbox!

Incorporating natural, essential oils and wellness products for their physical and emotional benefits on a daily basis is an affordable, safe, and effective compliment to the other good health choices you make.

Tap Into Nature’s Gifts

More than pretty smells, the liquid extracted from the leaves, herbs, roots, seeds, flowers, rind and resin of plants have been used for thousands of years on all continents of the globe for aromatic, topical and internal uses. Single plant oils each offer multiple, significant health benefits to support our body’s key systems. One oil does many things! We can combine them to create a blend of our own for a specific purpose, or use one of dōTERRA’s beautiful blends designed for physical and emotional well being.

Pure essential oils are not greasy at all. In fact if the essential oil or blend feels greasy on the skin it has been diluted in a “carrier” oil to be spread onto the skin. Diluting oils helps spread their impact and is the approach of choice for children and those with sensitive skin. This is especially true when using specific “hot” oils such as oregano and cinnamon, or for spreading essential oils onto a larger body surface such as in a massage or as a natural repellent.

Why dōTERRA?

1. Their oils smell amazing and work quickly. 
The aroma and therapeutic impact of dōTERRA’s undiluted essential oils from the world’s best sources are immediately noticeable.

2. They test all their oils to ensure the highest quality.
dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ scientific quality-control process assures you of the potency and purity available only from nature’s highest quality essential oils–every batch, every time.

3. They do the right thing for our world.
dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation and Co-Impact Sourcing™ programs lift third-world supplier communities through job creation and cooperative farming approaches in the growth, harvest, and distillation of dōTERRA essential oils.

4. They do right by their customers and employees.
I’m proud to be a Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate for a company whose values match my own. dōTERRA’s mission statement says it all:

“dōTERRA will conduct business in such a way as to be a positive influence for good with each person, customer, consultant, employee, vendor, and partner with whom it comes in contact, by: Conducting our business with absolute honesty and integrity; Treating all people with kindness and respect; Conducting our interactions with others in a spirit of service and caring; Working hard and managing the use of company resources wisely; Fostering an uplifting work environment by smiling, laughing, and having fun; Being grateful for success and giving recognition to others; and by Being generous with those less fortunate in our community and around the world.”

How to use dōTERRA essential oils

Here are some suggested safety and usage tips for those new to oils or to dōTERRA:

  • We generally use 2-3 drops of a dōTERRA essential oil or blend every 2-3 hours for adults, and a bit more often if something is flaring up and needs our immediate attention. Half that amount for children 6 – 12, and 1/4 the amount for infants and toddlers.
  • Also note that you can use any oil aromatically and in diluted, topical form and in time will have the same effect as internal use.
  • Keep in mind that these are highly concentrated liquid plant essences, so LESS IS MORE. Best to use just a small amount every few hours than a lot all at once so the body can absorb the oils and put them to use.
  • Always do what is comfortable for you! There is no ‘must use’ method.

I’d love to teach you in more detail, suggest some great reference book and have a serious chat about how we can empower you to choose which oils are the best for you!

Here are the three different ways you can use dōTERRA’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils:

AROMATIC:  Open the bottle and inhale the aroma to affect your mood and emotions with a single essential oil or blend to calm or energize, to support a healthy respiratory system, and to change the smell of the room. Put a few drops on a tissue or into a spray bottle. Add some essential oils to a diffuser to mist droplets of oil around the room.

TOPICAL: Choose a vegetable-based carrier oil, cream or lotion and add a few essential oils or blend drops to create your own body lotion or massage oil. Many dōTERRA oils and blends can be applied “neat” or undiluted for a localized therapeutic effect – such as a dab of peppermint on the forehead and temples to soothe head tension. Check dōTERRA’s online and printed usage charts for details on each product.

INTERNAL: Use dōTERRA essential oils (and only dōTERRA CPTG essential oils) internally to support a healthy immune response, sending oils directly into the digestive tract and intestinal system, or to support our metabolic and lymphatic systems. Add 2-3 drops of dōTERRA essential oils to your drinking water or take in a soft gel capsule, lozenge, or beadlet to get the oils into the bloodstream and digestive system that much faster.

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 dōTERRA ~ The Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Leader

“I love being a part of dōTERRA. I enrolled with Marty Harger and Stephanie Smith over four years ago. They have both been so supportive of me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help! I share dōTERRA because I believe in the company and the power of the oils. I love teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives by teaching yoga and by using our products!”

Valerie Schlesinger, Wellness Advocate

“Being in dōTERRA has offered a way to help others in ways I never thought possible. By helping others reach their wellness and financial goals, I feel that I am giving back to my community. Being a part of Team Harger has helped me immensely in reaching my goals. Without having this team of amazing leaders behind me, I would never have thought myself capable of attaining those goals. Their belief in me was enough to get me to the point that I believed in myself.”

Suzy Howard, Wellness Advocate

“I love this business, the company ethics, and the people that this company attracts. It is not easy, nor is it fast money, but it is fulfilling on every level and worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears! I love being on the Harger’s team because of the continued support that is offered. I would not have had the success in my dōTERRA business without the Hargers. Freedom is my biggest why. I also love the people that have come into my life from doing this business.”

Stephanie Smith, Wellness Advocate

“What an educational, inspirational, rewarding, and fun experience being with dōTERRA has been! I’ve had the chance to meet and impact the health and well-being of hundreds of people and their families and have learned new business and leadership skills, all while creating greater self-esteem, freedom, and income. It’s an empowering feeling to realize I OWN my own business but I’m never on my own, thanks to the mentorship and friendship of my strong and successful Blue Diamond leaders Marty and Jim Harger, who share my passion for the products, the philanthropic initiatives and the opportunity dōTERRA offers. When I started with dōTERRA six years ago, I never imagined where it would take me. Now I imagine all that is yet to come! If you’re looking for a rock-solid team to support YOUR dreams, goals and growth, the Harger team is the smart choice!”

Bettina Moench, Wellness Advocate
“I think dōTERRA exemplifies integrity in its values and product purity as well as generosity across the spectrum of its business model. The opportunity exists to create your own future on a daily basis by modeling the behavior of extraordinary leaders such as Marty and Jim Harger. Through their team, Inspiration Nation, Marty and Jim thoughtfully, enthusiastically, and creatively provide continuous support and yes, you guessed it, INSPIRATION, to the team (and it’s a big one)! I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and the dōTERRA business model allows me to take the finest essential oils, and armed with information, share until I realize my life’s dreams!”
Julie Maitland , Wellness Advocate

“Being in dōTERRA is very rewarding in many ways. It challenges me to continue to grow stronger in areas where I am weak, encourages me to stretch myself to be a better person, and helps me to build a strong financial future. I have an amazing team with great up-line leaders who set the bar high but are always leading by example. I love being my own boss and having the freedom to choose how and when I want to work my business as well as having a residual income!”

Cherie Jordan, Wellness Advocate

“Not only do I feel super lucky to be a part of dōTERRA and have access to amazing products, but also super lucky to be on the Harger team.  The quality of people and support all around has made this a powerful experience in building my business and pushing me to levels of success I hadn’t quite imagined.  I am doing dōTERRA as a business so I can affect the greatest change possible in others who may not be dreaming as big as they could.  I have seen several peoples’ potential become realized and it inspires me every day.”

Niki Harings, Wellness Advocate

“When I was first introduced to doTERRA, I was an overwhelmed mom of 4. Right away, I was very impressed with how much the oils helped my family. Then out of curiosity, I looked into the business opportunity and saw it as a way to get myself out of the house more and share my love of natural health. I found that teaching others about essential oils was exactly what I had been looking for. I have also enjoyed all the team events and have made some great friendships. I also love how supportive everyone was when my husband, Ted, started doing the business with me. We are excited for our future with doTERRA!”

Jamie Dibble, Wellness Advocate

“I believe creating a greater level of wellness in our life is possible with the help of nature.  I started the business to make a difference, then I started to make money, and began setting goals to become debt-free and earn enough to allow my husband to do work he loves and start his own business.  My vision keeps expanding, as I realize that my financial, time, and career freedom can inspire and allow others to realize that opportunity.  The best part is being with a like-minded and supportive tribe of people with similar dreams and passions. Our doTERRA community is creative, inspiring, and positive – we love to see people catch their dreams!”

Jenni Hulburt, Wellness Advocate

“I’m so very grateful to be on the Harger doTERRA Team!!  Marty and Jim bring high energy, focus, and amazing support to anyone interested in using the oils OR building a doTERRA business.  This team is full of amazing, gifted people who offer their knowledge and friendship and is a wonderful community.   Many of them will remain lifelong friends. doTERRA fits in beautifully with my passion for educating people about the many natural ways to improve and maintain health – physical, mental/emotional, and financial!  My life has been changed because of these oils both in my health and financially by building a residual income that supports my Complimentary Health Practice. The additional income I’ve created because of doTERRA has provided a freedom and security in my life (and in the life of others!)  and I’ll always be very grateful for this.”

Marge Bowen, Wellness Advocate
“Being on our doTERRA team is extra special to me because all three daughters are on the team! Yeh! Sharing the oils gives others the ability to have life-changing experiences; everything from frankincense expediting total recovery for our own daughter’s very serious health condition to the oregano’s powerful effect on unwanted skin issues, to preventing health problems with the consistent use of the oils. doTERRA makes it an “essential” oil difference!”
Shelley Baisach, Wellness Advocate

“Being a part of our doTERRA team has allowed me to connect and have relationships with like-minded, driven, passionate people who are committed to living the best life possible in all areas. My doTERRA business has provided a financial pipeline for my family and it has grown me as a person. It has caused me to stretch myself beyond limiting beliefs and live the life that God has for me.”

Heather Sorg, Wellness Advocate

“When I experienced the doTERRA line of essential oils seven years ago, there was no comparison to other companies I’d researched for my personal use and yoga studio. My plan was to retail their products – which flew off the shelves as fast as I could stock them! I soon embraced the doTERRA business opportunity and now my doTERRA business income far exceeds that of my yoga studio. I can live comfortably with a lifestyle that I had always dreamed of AND have a financially stable yoga studio.  I love the people I’ve met and support and business education I’ve received through my doTERRA years.  I’ve learned so much about being a leader, not only from the Hargers and their upline team leaders, but from those whom I have met in other teams. There is such a feeling of camaraderie within the doTERRA ‘family.’”

Lisa Needham, Wellness Advocate
“I could not be happier to be a part of doTERRA! The oils and products they produce are superior quality, the founders have the highest integrity and vision, and the philanthropic work doTERRA does is heartwarming and plentiful. I feel so blessed to be on Jim and Marty’s team – they are tremendous leaders and mentors and want nothing but to lift ALL of us up. I live many states away, yet I feel very supported and a big part of the team. Having a doTERRA business gives me FREEDOM – Freedom to share something I love, to be home for my family, to do good for the world and has the potential to give us complete financial freedom! So very grateful to have this opportunity!”
Jennifer Hernandez, Wellness Advocate
“An amazing journey with doTERRA has manifested in my life. After experiencing the incredible physical benefits of the oils, I became passionate about sharing them with my family and friends. That is how my team and business evolved! Because I love teaching individuals about natural alternatives for their well being, doTERRA has paved the way to meet such a variety of fantastic people. I am very grateful for Marty Harger’s and Bettina Moench’s leadership and all they have taught me. I am proud to be on the Harger team!”
Kitty Maloy-Mandile, Wellness Advocate

One of the things I love about the dōTERRA business is that I get to build my business with the love of my life and partner, Jim Harger.