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Learn how to enhance your Yoga Business
with my FREE Online Training

Are you a yogi looking to deepen your yoga practice?

Are you a yoga instructor seeking to make a bigger impact?

Do you want to make a difference in less time and with more reward?

Let me help you discover your true nature, through nature, with the help of dōTERRA essential oils.
Enhance the yoga experience for your yoga students, friends, family, and neighbors.
Put my experience to work for you. Let me help you make it happen!

This guide is for you if you want to:


Learn the application of aromatic and topical essential oils and blends.


Manifest more calm and tap more deeply into your inner knowing for yourself, and for your students.


Access the seat of your emotions and soothe your central nervous system.

Did You Know? Scent travels from your nose to your brain in just 30 seconds!

Essential oils tap into your sense of smell, creating an immediate and powerful impact. My Yogi’s Guide to Essential Oils video series will introduce you to the aromatic and therapeutic application of dōTERRA® Oils. There are 5 FREE instructional videos included in the training that will walk you through incorporating essential oils into your yoga practice and business.

By applying dōTERRA essential oils to your yoga practice and instruction, you’ll tap a powerful tool to integrate mind, body, and spirit using all natural ingredients and healing energy.

In this online video guide, you will learn how to get started:

  • Making a bigger impact as a yogi, in less time and with more reward

  • Clarifying and setting an intention for your practice and instruction

  • Supporting and guiding the flow of breath and motion through yoga

  • Focusing and aligning mind, body, and spirit with each posture

  • Deepening and relaxing into the full integration of your practice

Meet Marty Harger

Marty is a dōTERRA® Blue Diamond who fell in love with and committed wholeheartedly to health and healing three decades ago. She has been integrating dōTERRA® essential oils into her personal practice and yoga instruction for over 10 years. Marty is the co-author of the book The EssentialYoga Program and the creator of the online EssentialYoga Academy, an online community designed to help yoga professionals make a bigger impact and make more money.

I can’t wait to help you
incorporate essential oils into your yoga business!