The EssentialYoga Program Authors

The EssentialYoga Program was developed in collaboration with the four of us below. Each brings our own unique experiences and perspective on essential oils and yoga. We enthusiastically present dōTERRA® essential oils in this Program to the greater yoga community as another powerful dimension to enhance the practice, teachings and business of yoga.

Jane Bloom

Jane Bloom lives in beautiful Mesilla, New Mexico with her husband and three boys. She is the owner of Dwellyoga in Las Cruces, New Mexico and enjoys holding a space for others to deepen their self-awareness and growth. Jane earned her master’s degree in Counseling Educational Psychology and has practiced as a family therapist for the past 12 years. She specializes in group counseling, pioneering one of the first postpartum support groups in New Mexico and working with families of children with autism. She has practiced yoga for the past 20 years and is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches a variety of yoga classes, including hot, vinyasa flow and gentle yoga in an accessible way. She enjoys teaching yoga to children and specializes in Parent & Baby Yoga with a focus on attachment and social-emotional development.

dōTERRA essential oils fit into every aspect of Jane’s life. She was immediately taken with how the oils afford her family holistic healthcare. The oils were a natural fit with her love of counseling, where she has integrated them into her work with children and families. Combining her background in counseling and yoga, Jane is particularly interested in how creative sequencing with oils elicits emotions and changes awareness one asana at a time. Jane is excited to share the integration of essential oils and yoga, which have the common goal of helping others find balance in their lives.

dōTERRA essential oils provide endless creativity in teaching yoga, and continually inspire monthly EssentialYoga workshops that students are drawn to for a powerful restorative and cathartic experience. Jane has enjoyed hosting EssentialYoga workshops around the country, in addition to offering instructor trainings with the oils. As the essential oils inspire, Jane invites her students to explore their practice with an open heart and mind. She is grateful for her family and contributions from her many instructors along this journey, including the mentorship and support of her amazing dōTERRA team.

Marty Harger

Marty Harger was introduced to yoga while attending a freestyle ski camp in Wyoming when she was in high school. Her introduction to essential oils came a few years later as did her increasing awareness of the body’s powerful ability to heal itself with natural approaches. In midlife, Marty hopped off the big-city corporate fast-track and began her personal and professional journey discovering her niche in the healing arts. During massage school in Chicago, her passion for essential oils really took hold. A ski bum at heart, Marty and her husband moved back west in 2003 to live in a setting that inspired them. There she opened a wellness center in the mountains of Heber City, Utah and was introduced to dōTERRA’s therapeutic grade essential oils in 2008.

Marty embraced the world of natural health practices and became a nationally certified massage therapist in 2000, a certified instructor of dōTERRA’s essential oil-based AromaTouch Technique, and as of 2018, an RYT-200 yoga teacher. Marty adores working with her international dōTERRA team to help teach others about the benefits and healing power of essential oils. As a Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate, she is honored to lead such a successful group of entrepreneurs to reach their life dreams through the dōTERRA businesses they are building.

Marty is a born “connector” of people and has always loved the process of creating and launching new ventures. She finds dōTERRA a great match with endless ways to learn, do and teach others. She feels strongly about the importance of what The EssentialYoga Program offers to dōTERRA essential oil users who practice or teach yoga. In 2016, Marty launched an online training program, the EssentialYoga Academy, to help dōTERRA Wellness Advocates build a business and income sharing dōTERRA in the international yoga community. She loves to travel and co-teach The EssentialYoga Program workshops. She finds the essential oils a source of continued inspiration for future endeavors! She absolutely LOVES her life in the mountains of Utah, the fabulous new friends she’s met through her years with dōTERRA, and the financial support and choices it affords her every day to live a life others dream about! She is so very grateful.

Deidra Schaub

Deidra Schaub is a recycled paper jeweler and since 2012, a yoga and meditation instructor. She is originally from northern New Mexico, where she grew up experiencing creativity through her artist father, and alternative healing through her mother, who practices Healing Touch. Deidra uses dōTERRA essential oils for cleaning, cooking and as the medicine of choice for her family. She particularly enjoys using the essential oils to craft her own natural skin care products, such as lotions, body washes, and scrubs. She now lives in southern New Mexico where she has carved out a unique niche.

Deidra believes that positive change on a bigger scale begins on an individual level. In private healing sessions, where she incorporates yoga, meditation, energy healing and aromatherapy, she helps support others in the process of connecting mind, body and spirit. She also teaches workshops combining those same four elements to align with the cycles of nature including seasons and moon phases. In May of 2017, Deidra’s sixteen-year-old son was diagnosed with bone cancer. She has found that her faith, the practice of yoga and dōTERRA essential oils have helped support her well-being as his primary caregiver. The oils have also made a huge impact on her son’s healing as a compliment to chemotherapy, physical therapy and emotion-focused therapy. Deidra and her husband are looking forward to finding ways to support families who are going through cancer treatment. One of those ways is by teaching the importance of self-care using tools such as yoga and essential oils.

Deidra has been practicing yoga for ten years and has found the combination of oils and yoga effective to assist her in managing anxiety and depression while deepening her connection to God and her Christian faith. She decided to become an instructor after attending a 200-hour yoga instructor training to expand her own practice. She soon discovered her gift for teaching those who are intimidated by the traditional image of yoga or view yoga as nothing more than exercise. Deidra brings a sense of balance and accessibility to how instructors can share the concepts presented in The EssentialYoga Program, helping us make sure there are options for all levels.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith’s path from the dance studio to the yoga studio began when she was a young girl exploring ballet, jazz, and tap. After a few years as a college dance major, she left her home state of

Utah for a professional dance career in Los Angeles. That road led to ventures in personal training and fitness as well as teaching dance to others since 1984. Her love of yoga began in 1996 as she explored Bikram, or hot yoga. Ever curious, Stephanie continued her yoga instructor training in many forms over the years and cultivated a growing interest in the mind-body connection. Her unique style brings a sense of curiosity and inquiry into the studio as she meets yoga students where they are and helps guide them to a deeper understanding of their body, mind, and spirit.

Stephanie is an Anusara-Inspired® Certified Yoga Instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching various traditions of yoga including Anusara, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vini-yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Meditation, and EssentialYoga. She is highly skilled at teaching healing through the practice of correct alignment and taking yoga off your mat and into your daily life. Her essential oil experience began years ago as she introduced aromatherapy into her yoga classes on a regular basis, where she quickly realized that dōTERRA essential oils were not only the perfect natural healing modality for her family but also a great approach to her yoga offerings.

Stephanie has successfully co-owned and operated a dance and yoga studio in Utah where she helped establish a thriving yoga community in a small mountain town. She considers herself “forever a student to the teachings of yoga and wellness,” and knows it is her calling to magnify the skills of other yoga instructors and practitioners. She is especially grateful to her teachers and colleagues who have helped her become who she is today.

She is a Certified Instructor of dōTERRA’s Aromatouch Technique® who enjoys traveling extensively building her Diamond dōTERRA team by teaching and inspiring others to develop healthy lifestyles and advance their own dōTERRA businesses. Stephanie has the heart of an entrepreneur, which is evident in her life path. She has taken the lead as studio owner, as an independent yoga instructor in Scottsdale, Arizona, and more recently with her thriving dōTERRA business. She is excited to offer The EssentialYoga Program as a blend of yoga and oils that bring together some of her learnings over 20 years creating classes that have touched hundreds of lives.