Instructional Videos: Welcome & Workshop Preparation


Welcome! I've created this hands-on video series to provide specific instruction about professional workshop preparation. Please take a few minutes to watch these important training tips. All videos are password protected.  THE PASSWORD IS EYA Instructor Tip: Prepare Your Book Instructor Tip: Prepare Your Oils

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Instructional Videos: Instructor Tips


The following videos explain key aspects of room set up, safe touch and body mechanics for instructors. All videos are password protected. The PASSWORD IS EYA Instructor Tip: Room Set Up Instructor Tip: Safe Touch Instructor Tip: Body Mechanics

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Instructional Videos: Instructor Applied Oils


Here you will find specific techniques to use when the Instructor is applying the oils to the students. All videos are password protected.  THE PASSWORD IS EYA Instructor Applied Oils: Low Back Instructor Applied Oils: Forearms Instructor Applied Oils: Head, Neck and Shoulders Instructor Applied Oils: Feet and Lower Legs

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Instructional Videos: Student Applied Oils


In this portion of the video series, watch and listen as oils are offered to students to self apply. This is usually done in workshops to help teach students HOW to apply the essential oils. It may also be used due to "license to touch" issues, more students than oils helpers, a crowded space, or simply because it more expedient for the time allotted to share the oils. All videos are password protected.  THE PASSWORD IS EYA Student Applied Oils: Experiencing Blends Student Applied Oils: Neck & Upper Body Student Applied Oils: Lower Legs ...

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Class Idea: Deconstructing the PASSION Blend


Sorry about the less-than-best recording quality of this webinar, but I wanted to share the CONCEPT with you of how you can create some fun workshops by deconstructing one of doTERRA's blends. In this recording, Stephanie Richins and I created a short presentation on the Passion Blend for the Valentine's season. Enjoy! Oh - and here's the Passion Blend SCRIPT in case you want to use it yourself...a little something extra for all you Academy members!  031717 Passion Blend Deconstruct EYA Members

Class Idea: Deconstructing the PASSION Blend2017-03-16T21:55:02-06:00

Academy ZOOM Call – March 2017


This month we talk about: Finding Your Passion for Yoga & Essential Oils - webinar talking through the Passion blend How to get ENROLLMENTS from your workshops Here are some SCRIPT ideas you can use:  How to Get Enrollments From Your Workshops Password = Academy

Academy ZOOM Call – March 20172017-03-16T21:51:14-06:00

Academy ZOOM Call – January 2017


This month we talk about: Monthly scripts featuring the compliant explanation of the physical and emotional benefit of the oils used. Details about the Costa Rica EssentialYoga Academy Immersion Training Sneak peak of the NEW photography now available to you as an Academy member Password = Academy

Academy ZOOM Call – January 20172017-03-16T21:30:12-06:00
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